Monday, February 2, 2009

Falcons could be used to curb geese at LGA

From the Daily News:

Airports try lots of things in the endless battle to keep birds from the runway, but nothing beats a fast-moving falcon - with its razor-sharp talons, experts say.

"It is the best tool that we have available to us," said Andrew Barnes, a veteran falconer in charge of clearing birds from the runways of McGuire Air Force Base in central New Jersey.

The Port Authority has a five-year, $3 million contract with the company to do falconry at Kennedy Airport, where a state-of-the-art bird-detection radar system is set to be deployed under a deal with the Federal Aviation Administration.

While falconry has been used at JFK for about a decade, it is not used at LaGuardia, PA spokesman Pasquale DiFulco said.

Barnes, who used falconry at JFK, said bird mitigation efforts without falconry are a "losing battle."

Barnes argued that falconry is effective against all bird species except other raptors and turkey vultures.

Steve Garber, a wildlife biologist who formerly ran the bird-mitigation program at JFK and LaGuardia, agreed with Barnes. "When done effectively, as part of a really good program, [falconry] makes everything far more effective," said Garber, who introduced falconry at Kennedy in the 1990s. "The falcons were scaring off far more than just gulls."


-Joe said...

The Canadian Geese are not at LGA they are at N Brother Island & around Bronx River Park.

The problem is due to the citys crummy welcoming immigration policy.

These are Northeast Canadian Geese (French ?)that dont belong here !

Anonymous said...


La Guardia is an overcrowded antiquated leftover from the old aeroplane era they keep on trying to modernize to no avail!

It's time to use it strictly for freight and limited domestic flights that employ the use of smaller aircraft.

It certainly is for the birds!

panzer65 said...

Even geese want to live the American Dream.

-Joe said...

Even geese want the American Dream
In the "backside" from the ground as well as the air with these Illegal aliens
The geese I can understand
Truthfully-- I rather get hit by a bus (or an airplane) then live or have to Canada.

Wait till this summer when 10%+ of the polulation is out of work and all these tweed refugees start turning to the suburbs to steal food loot& rob at gunpoint.

How else are the tweeds gonna pay the rent, pay the Coyotes or Russian smugglers back home not to kill or kidnap there extended familys.

Hope all the crappy shlamozels have some good protection and I dont mean the 911 auto-dial.
Having a French A300 come through the roof into the mashed patatos may be nothing compaired to what may lie ahead :(


Anonymous said...

La Guardia is an overcrowded antiquated leftover from the old aeroplane era
Hey Helen when are you going to that round building in Corona Park. Art Bell says the Martians cant land.
I hear you have 20 Million dollars to burn ?

G said...

Wasn't this the plot to a Simpsons episode?

What crazy critter will be brought in to control the falcons when an airplane goes down because of them?

-Joe said...

At Broadway Junction (J&L train) the MTA has been pumping loud birds of prey sounds through speakers.

It's been working