Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shea Stadium is toast

From WCBS880:


panzer65 said...

Don't forget to mark off home plate when finished.

Anonymous said...

How sad. Getting a closer look at the constructio of citi field makes we wonder if it has a chance to last at least as long as Shea did, some 44 years. Heck, the Colliseum in Rome still stands after 2 millennia.
Leaks, cracks, and bulges...scary.

Ceetar said...

A. The area is a horrible mess.
b. The businesses seem to be shady and trying to cheat the system wherever possible.
c. Only one person lives there.
d. These businesses have had tons of warning.
e. Many/most of them are happy with the buyout deals they're getting.
f. Ultimately it'll be better for the city and area to have these changes.

so because a handful of businesses have to, profitably, relocate I shouldn't want to see change in this area? Even if I wasn't a Mets fan. 99%+ of New Yorkers will get more use out of the new area than what's there.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the difference between Shea Stadium and Willets Point? Or did you intentionally post off subject stupidity on this thread? They raise 'em dumb in Valley Stream.

Anonymous said...

"99%+ of New Yorkers will get more use out of the new area than what's there."

99%+ of New Yorkers do not visit this area, and you're a dim bulb.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that first photo you posted is a rendering of what Willets Point will look like in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

A. The area is a horrible mess

and who maid it like that ?
a) the city of new york ass wipe and it will stay like that for over ten years so get used to it

Anonymous said...

That's what we have instead of schools, police and hospitals. Now I understand why the radicals say, "Eat the rich."

Just think, the great unwashed paid Citibank so that they could put their name on this travesty. God forbid taxpayer money be used by government to provide government services to the public.