Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contractor tried to bribe inspector

From the Queens Chronicle:

A Queens contractor tried to pay a building inspector $500 to remove a stop work order on a construction project in Ozone Park, the city Department of Investigation alleges.

Lutchman Sookdeo, 25, was arrested Feb. 2 and charged with third-degree bribery, a class D felony punishable by up to seven years in prison, the DOI reported.

Sookdeo was doing construction work without a permit on Oct. 9 at 114-08 Sutter Ave. when the inspector issued a violation and stop work order, according to investigators.

“Sookdeo, a private contractor, told the inspector that he could not have the job stopped and paid $500 to the inspector in exchange for the inspector’s telling Sookdeo that he could remove the stop work sticker from a window,” the DOI said in a statement.

But the inspector was not sincere in accepting the bribe, and investigators were watching, the agency said.


Taxpayer said...

What's the news value in this story? Bribing is common.

What I find new, is that the inspector must be "sincere" for the accepting of the bribe to be a crime. Sincere? How is that judged?

Here's an easier and fairer technique: If the inspector takes the money, he's accepting the bribe. Sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Only him? What happened, did the payoff check bounce?

Anonymous said...

Tom Ognibene must have been around there somewhere. Tom how much did you make on this one.

Anonymous said...

Yo! don't mess wit him. HE most likely CHANGED!