Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hospitals begin shutdown

From NY1:

Days after receiving notice their hospital was closing, employees at Mary Immaculate and St. John's Queens Hospitals got another memo. This time, it was to inform them that St. Johns is no longer an emergency ambulance destination for pediatric patients.

"This is a travesty. How do you close a hospital that's full to capacity," said Kim Zambrata, a worker at St. John's.

But there is more bad news. Caritas Healthcare, the company that operates both hospitals, says starting Saturday they will stop admitting patients altogether. The two hospitals see about 100,000 people in their emergency rooms every year, and Elmhurst residents say they are devastated by how quickly things are moving.

"I don't understand how they could close a hospital in such a heavily populated area such as this. It's ridiculous. I don't know the politics behind this, but someone needs to do something about this right away," said Dave Herbert, an Elmhurst resident.

Over in Jamaica, Mary Immaculate Hospital workers and residents voiced their concerns as well.

"That's going to be unfortunate. There are a lot of old people over here who have emergencies," said Ashley Johnson, a Jamaica resident.

(Let's remember that Jamaica and Queens Blvd were recently drastically upzoned but they are closing a hospital in each community.)


Anonymous said...

How did the visit to Albany go today? How did all the politcos react to your visit? Remember the Queens Borough President, Senate Majority Leader & Governor have a future plan with another health care system who told them to close the facilities and then they would take one. That's when the DOH and politicos will magically find the supplemental money. Remember, some of these clowns will be up for re-election.

Anonymous said...

What is the urgency to close 2 hospitals so quickly. Where is the lead time? Is Elmhurst Hospital,Queens General or Jamaica Hospital prepared with staff and equipment or space for that matter to handle an additional 45,000 Emergency visits? No,of course not.
I understand the WARN notices were given out a month ago.A WARN notice is 60 days,who plans on paying all those employees to sit home?
This is not a plan,this is hurry up and get this done.
Has the Bankrupcy court been involved in it's closing?
Has the community been made aware that thier area hospitals are closed. I have not seen 1 poster advising them of where to go.

What about the delays in emergency ambulance response now that these hospitals will be taking thier ambulances off the streets?
Come on Caritas, DOH say something.
Where are the clinic patients going? It's time to speak

Anonymous said...

this was all planned from the begining. less than three weeks and we are all out of jobs. who is going to be held responsible???why hasn't the state questioned where all there money has gone??nobody asking questions and politicians acting like they cared. what about the community???

Katie said...

What is the urgency, you ask?

Northshore can't slam the doors on St Johns quick enough. They are afraid if they take too long to close us down, someone might be able to EXPOSE this dirty deal.