Saturday, February 7, 2009

Floyd Bennett Field's tunnel to see light of day

Brooklyn Diary: Bennett Field's Art Deco tunnel to reopen
(from the Daily News)

When Floyd Bennett Field served as the city's first municipal airport in the 1930s, an underground passenger tunnel connected the airport terminal to the tarmac.

Sealed since 1941 as a safety precaution during World War II, the 300-yard Art Deco-inspired tunnel is getting a second look from the National Park Service, which plans to reopen it to visitors soon.

"It's part of the history of the field," said National Park Service spokesman Brian Feeney, who added the tunnel is decorated with highly ornamental Art Deco tile work. "You almost don't expect the level of detail, but when you think about the 1930s, architecture wasn't just functional; it was beautiful."

Photo by Vidiot on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link for more info on this tunnel? The Floyd Bennett Field page on the NPS website for the Jamaica Bay area does not have anything about the tunnel. Sounds cool.

Sarah said...

Stop wasting money we do not have!