Friday, February 6, 2009

Corona school honchos acting like dunces

From the Daily News:

Parents want to know why 80% of the classrooms in a brand-new school building are empty, when it's across the street from a school crammed with 800 kids too many.

Public School 19 in Corona, Queens, has 2,000 kids - 800 over capacity. It uses four makeshift trailers in what used to be the playground.

PS 307 - which is directly across the street - opened this fall with a ceremony attended by the mayor, who promised it would alleviate overcrowding in the neighborhood.

It now has just 207 students in three grades, even though the building can hold 1,000 pupils.


Anonymous said...

Joel Klein: the man who destroyed New York City public schools.

Anonymous said...

What a damn shame. And what a lesson for those kids who see this. I say organize. Call the press and then get the kids to line up out front with their parents--all with the same sign: "Why?" THIS is mayoral control. Get pix, send to Albany. This is a perfect example of Klein the Know-Nothing who had to get a special waiver from the state to be Chancellor.