Friday, February 6, 2009

Charlie hid up to $831,000 in assets

Researchers: Rep. Rangel didn't disclose thousands in assets

A new report says that Rep. Charles B. Rangel failed to disclose what became of thousands of dollars in assets over the past three decades.

The report identifies 28 separate instances within the past 30 years where he failed to report in congressionally-mandated filings on personal assets. The report from the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation was based on a review of Rangel's filings from 1978 to the present.

The researchers write, "Assets worth between $239,026 and $831,000 appear or disappear with no disclosure of when they were acquired, how long they were held, or when they were sold."

Rangel spokesman Emil Milne says the congressman had already acknowledged errors in reporting his finances.

A House ethics committee is investigating the Democrat's personal finances and fundraising.


georgetheatheist said...

Pelosi. It is time to show Charlie the door. Nevermind the outcry: "Dere jus' tryin' to keep da brudder down, a reel ththethful black man."

Anonymous said...

Charlie is a classic - what about taxes paid if any for domestic staff to clean all those rent stabilized apartments he lives in?

Taxpayer said...

We have to have sympathy for Rangel and all those other Democrats who refuse to pay taxes or to comply with financial reporting requirement.

Rangel has been writing the tax laws for most of the last 30 years; that doesn't require him to understand any of those same laws. Those laws are written to be complicated, and not easily understood by the likes of Rangel or the other Democrats who have been nominated by Obama.

Actually, Rangel doesn't write the tax laws. Lobbyists for his political contributors write them. The laws are filled with language used by the wealthy insiders (who contribute to corrupt leftist liberal Democrats). This language permits the wealthy to avoid paying any taxes at all, leaving it up to the stupid fools to pay all the taxes.

There IS a reason why the lawyers call it the tax "code".

Rangel and the other leftist liberal Democrats laugh at the stupid people who actually pay taxes.

Obama even put a notorious tax evading cheat at the head of the Treasury, which puts him in charge of the IRS. Imagine the belly laughs on us that bunch is having.

Don't be distracted by Obama's rage at highly paid PRIVATE sector executives. His intention is to stir up the natural envy we may have for people who earn hundreds of times more each day than we earn in a year.

But, that's not the business of PUBLIC officials, which is all that Obama is.

Obama's rage, as a PUBLIC official, needs to be with the other PUBLIC official who demand that we all pay taxes, while they (the PUBLIC officials) refuse to do so.

But, as a dedicated leftist liberal Democrat, Obama and the others are determined to destroy the capitalist system here that they detest.

Here's a clue: Normally politics is a game of tit for tat. Normally, when a politician is discovered to have committed some illegality, the accused politician's defenders quickly discover the same illegality on the part of the accusers.

Why hasn't Obama discovered that the "overpaid" PRIVATE individuals or their companies failed to pay their taxes in full on time? Because he cannot find that.

So, this PUBLIC functionary stirs up envy of PRIVATE wealth to keep attention from his own dismal failure and intentions.

His next step? To have some PUBLIC employee prepare lists of salary caps for all PRIVATE employees - occupation for occupation. PRIVATE employees will have hourly rates just like PUBLIC civil service employees.

Then, everybody will be happy. All envy and ambition will be eliminated. Peace will be upon the world. Brought to us by the Messiah!

Anonymous said...

The most corrupt politician I have ever met. He even makes Joe Bruno blush.
He is actually very similar to the character portrayed of the corrupt politician in the HBO series "The Wire"

Anonymous said...


Maybe then we'll see some honest (???) politicians.

If they object to this new job requirement let them choose another occupation.

An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.

In the mean time
throw that hustling MF'ng/jive turkey out on his fat corrupt ass!

He's a modern day carpet bagger that's screwing his own people...
"The Emperor Jones" in the flesh!

Anonymous said...

should be shown the door as well!

Another bench warmer!

Anonymous said...

one of the most corrupt politicians?

I guess everyone forgot
Adam Clayton Powell.

Harlem seems to breed
this brand of hustler!

Snake Plissskin said...

Joke making rounds of Captial Hill:

Q: How do we take care of the deficit?

A: Have Obama nominate another tax cheat.

Anonymous said...

Phoney, Cheat, Thief, and Liar:
Get rid of them all-- NOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

one of the most corrupt politicians? I guess everyone forgot Adam Clayton Powell.
Harlem seems to breed this brand of hustler!

There is a select Harlem crony club that actually Gov. Patterson Dad was part of - A real Harlem Rat Pack - David Dinkins and also the Manhattan B-Beep who was stealing from the Apollo Thearter. These folks were classic at providing nothing at all for Harlem resident except for making corrupt rich asses of themselfs in front of the residents who are not for one minute fooled by these jokers.

Anonymous said...

The real joke here is the people in Rangel's district who put him back in office with over 93% of the vote.