Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And's Frank!

From the Daily News:

With all but 265 ballots fought over, counted and recounted, Republican Frank Padavan retains a 578-vote lead over his Democratic challenger, Councilman Jim Gennaro, according to a Queens GOP source who has been monitoring the situation.

That makes it arithmetically impossible for Gennaro to pull out a victory - even if those last remaining ballots all cut his way, which, of course, they wouldn't.

Ironically, that's not all that terribly far off from the unofficial results on election night last November when Padavan was up 723 votes.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please send Mr. Gennaro packing. He's been around way too long. Best of luck to Mr. Padavan. He is truly a man of patience and I know he will do well in the interest of his constituents.

italian girl said...


Go away Gennaro, you suck.

Anonymous said...

Bye, Bye... Jimmy "the gent"!

Now you can go to work directly for your sleazy developer friends!

Frank has always been our man..
and still is!

Anonymous said...

Gennaro...a political piss ant!

Anonymous said...

If it's one thing you all should know (and I know you do) it's NEVER over until Sweeney, Reichs, Bolz and Evan "Parkside Group" Stavisky say it's over.

Therefore don't expect this to be over quite yet, and certainly don't expect Mr. Gennaro to do the right thing by the people he ostensibly wants to represent.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that these idiots
Sweeney, Reichs, Bolz and Evan "Parkside Group" Stavisky and for that matter Gennaro are totaly unconcerned about the needs of the community; all that motivates them is power and greed. It is about time that the people of the 11th Senatorial District stand up anf say they ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!We need to be represented in Albany not sold to the highest bidder by Gennaro and his cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Jim Gennaro is a cult zombie. get him deprogrammed!

How much money did his campaign get from the Sri Chinmoy Mediation Center Church, Inc? Did he screw guru Chinmoy to get his political career going? Him and that lowlife Ackerman.

and what about all those Mc Mansions in his district? the voters and neighbors don't want them, but Jimmy boy's hands are tied or full of real estate dollars.

Anonymous said...

The Stavisky dynasty will soon reach an end because their alta kakka
constituency that keeps them in office is thinning.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro pack your bags and good buy, HA!!!!!!!!!! You can't win with Frank around.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro is dirt and I am glad we flier against him. he is supporting the cruel industry of horse carraiges. he supported a bill to reduce oversight after receiving over 6,000 in contribution from the drivers. why doesn't he make a cartoon book on the suffering of these poor horses. Gennaro is rotten as they come and I hope he loses his third run