Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 candidates booted off ballot in 32nd CD

From the Daily News:

Elections commissioners voted today to remove from the ballot six of the 22 candidates who filed petitions to run for three vacant City Council seats in the Feb. 24 special elections.

The [Queens] candidates bounced were:

- Frank Gulluscio (Community First), 32nd CD.

- Glenn DiResto (Families First), 32nd CD.

- Sam Dibernardo (Independent), 32nd CD.


Anonymous said...

So the race is down to a proven liar, a carpetbagging windbag, a gimme money funded program pimpess, and a snotty kid.

Anonymous said...

What happened?

Queens Crapper said...

Not enough valid signatures on their petitions or another issue.

Anonymous said...

Tutti Italiano?

Anonymous said...

Well they haven't dumped Ricatto - yet.

Taxpayer said...

Apart from removing candidates who have criminal records, or, for example, who fail to pay taxes (unheard of!), just about all these "election laws" exist to eliminate competition. It really is of no concern to the law that there are many, many candidates competing for a position.

So the voting public has to work to choose? Who cares? That's not a legal matter.

Election laws are written to guarantee the incumbents face no competition.

The answer? Dump all incumbents.

Require ALL candidates to struggle to be noticed and elected.

Anonymous said...

What exactly makes a signature invalid? Being too squiggly or scratchy?

Queens Crapper said...

The person has to be a registered voter living in the district.

Anonymous said...

The pimpess referred to I assume is Gerry Chapey who's supposedly had provided more than a million bucks worth of services to seniors and youth that us taxpayers footed the bill for and are scarcely visible other than as a charter bus service. Maybe the Attorney General hasn't looked too close cause his mama's on the agency's board. Where did all the money go? Why were required filings with the AG years late?

Anonymous said...

Chapey's another one who has been Parkside client according to lobbying reports.

Elect Sam DiBernardo NYC Council Dist 32Q said...


Yes Virginia, today it was like a Kangaroo Court at the Board Of Elections and they kicked me off the ballot for a chickenshit, what they called, a "Prima Facie" fatal error. They said my petitions didn't let the signers know what district I was running for yet, ironically, when the called me to the podium I was called as the candidate from the 32nd Dist. Aren’t they saying “the hell with the voters in the NY City council District 32?” I guess they don’t read the newspapers naming me as one of seven candidates running for office in, again, the 32 District, Queens NY!

The Board Attorney sat there like Madam Defarge in “A Tale of Two Cities” and instead of "off with his head" it was "off the ballot!" And cut me short? Heck, they were afraid to let me speak my piece and called a guard to threaten and push me off my stand! Now I know what Jesus must have felt as he stood before Mr. P. Pilate!

It was like a gray suited lawyers convention, or more accurately, like a gathering of sharks at feeding time and oh don’t they love the smell of blood in the water! Those who hired the Attys with the biggest and loudest mouths made it onto the ballot. It was like the board and the Attys have a language and partnership of their own—their own club so to speak! Today I witnessed Attorney’s and Board Members arguing aloud about nick names and stars on petition sheets and I expected an argument of “how many angels can you fit on the head of a pin!” I'm going to fight and appeal but this kind of action should be totally unnecessary in a Democratic Society—the outcome of an election should NOT BE DECEIDED BY A BOARD OF ELECTIONS; IT SHOULD BE DECEIDED BY THE VOTERS—BY THE PEOPLE. I personally took the time and made the effort to put together a campaign for public office-- that I spent countless hours and, I went out and gathered signatures in the coldest and meanest of weather conditions just to be dismissed like some minor irritation to the Board Of Elections comprised of members from just the two and only two major parties. Who are they trying to kid? That Independent guy be damned!

Finally, let me point out that some Candidates backed by the Republican and Democratic Party’s sailed through the BOE’s hearings right onto the ballot with barely a whimper by board members although they are not safe either; one of the Candidates placed a shark in the water with them too! Do I have to draw you a picture? The score now—three down and four to go from the original seven candidates. At this rate who knows where it will end and this is why I believe the power to remove a candidate from the ballot be taken away from the BOE and that they be commissioned to act solely as an instrument to provide information and opinion to the public! Yes, this would mean more Candidates on the ballot and more freedom of choice for the Voting Public…

Folks, nothing is going to change unless people like you and I speak up and start to gather the supporters for meaningful change. God knows it is needed! Come on people, get behind me and let’s strike another blow for Democracy!!!

Write me and let me know how you feel.

Sam DiBernardo

Anonymous said...

DiResto and Gulluscio were the only two Dems in this race anyone should have considered voting for. Ulrich is the only Repub in the race to consider. Of those 3 Gulluscio was the better choice. Idiots like Simon and anachronisms like Chapey are preferred by the tweeders.

Taxpayer said...

Anon said:
"DiResto and Gulluscio were the only two Dems in this race anyone should have considered voting for. Ulrich is the only Repub in the race to consider. Of those 3 Gulluscio was the better choice. Idiots like Simon and anachronisms like Chapey are preferred by the tweeders."

This may all be true. Nevertheless, we do NOT need party officials, pretending to be neutral jurors, making the decision as to whether or not we, the voters, get to elect or bypass various candidates. WE, THE VOTERS are entirely capable of making those decisions.

The only reason to eliminate candidates from the ballot are that they have committed crimes, or, believe it or not, have refused to pay their taxes.

All else, put the names on the ballot - with the name of the party (what is all that about?) - and leave the voting to us.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer - you may not like the Election law, but no one is above the law. If you're going to run for office - do it right - and you'll get on the ballot. It's not that hard. Don't be a martyr.