Friday, January 9, 2009

Vallone goes fishing at BOE

Because different offices have different contribution and spending limits, the board [of elections] decided to allow people to freeze their accounts and start new ones if their election plans had changed due to term limits.

In this case, Vallone had been a candidate for Queens borough president, until it became clear the current occupant, Helen Marshall, would seek a third term. Vallone decided to run for re-election to his Astoria council seat, but, according to the opinion, he wondered if — hypothetically — Marshall decided to drop out, whether he could access his old account and run for higher office.

The board didn’t bite.

“The request involves an event that, at this point, is highly speculative and involves numerous unknown variables,” the opinion states. “The Board does not believe it is appropriate to provide detailed guidance on this hypothetical event at this time.”

Campaign Board Won't Speculate

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Anonymous said...

Lets just groan and give this a pass.

Meanwhile day by day Astoria is slipping beneath the waves.