Friday, January 2, 2009

Sewer restructuring slow in coming

City Councilman John Liu (D−Flushing) is hoping that an emergency sewer fix will stem the constant flooding in neighborhoods along the Whitestone Expressway, where plans for a broader storm drain project have been thwarted by a lack of funding.

Liu’s chief of staff, John Choe, said the city Department of Environmental Protection had nearly completed work last week to install two new catch basins along 28th Road near the Whitestone Expressway. The area has been plagued by flooding because of a lack of adequate storm drains and while a sewer restructuring has been planned, funding problems have kept its implementation on the shelf.

City to fix road flooding

No funds for sewers, eh? But we have money for Willets Point?


Snake Plissskin said...

Sure, John, and taxpayers money for all those new big development projects that will add to the misery of Flushing.

That certainly was on the fast track, eh?

Anonymous said...

this is still not going to fix the problem on my street 13ave 154st which is a swimming pool when a storm comes and the basements get flood from all the shit from the city sewer. my neighbor told me that the city has not fix the sewer line on my block in 40 years even the street looks like crap

Anonymous said...

What about the flooding that has plagued southeastern queens for years, if not decades? Oops, I forgot, it's the wrong demographic. Or is it on the list just behind mass transit development for the area...

Anonymous said...

there isnt even a subway system in college point, whitestone, bayside , and much more there is in within these three neighborhoods about 120,000 people that take the bus every day. no subway to go to the bronx from queens but the mayor says we gots the Q44 witch is always pack ALWAY. in the summer its hot as hell in there. how can u call this a nyc subway system if i doesnt even cover one side of the boroughs

Anonymous said...

C.M. Liu sure knows his shit!

He's had a straw in every political cesspool... sucking it up for years!

Wadda ya expect
from Tommy Huang's cousin?