Thursday, January 8, 2009

Salaries for all city employees available online

The compensation of all city workers is public information, but until Tuesday it wasn't necessarily accessible.

Now, it is, thanks to the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a project of the nonprofit Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

The Empire Center's Web site - - Tuesday posted the entire city payroll of full- and part-time employes by name, title and salary, as of June 30.

New online database puts salaries of all city, state workers just a click away

Meanwhile, points out the fact that there is no website detailing state lawmakers' salaries or sources of income.


Anonymous said...

See Thru NY most certainly shows law makers' salaries.

Taxpayer said...

This page was just added to my favorite place list.

We can use this to connect the dots.

For instance, why is the Commissar's personal caterer on our payroll for $177,000 per year (plus OT, plus bonus)?

Can this extravagant pay be justified by itemizing any accomplishments besides dainties for fairies?

Anonymous said...

Not the lawmakers outside incomes - they refuse to make that public - Silver makes over $ 1 million for a law firm that sues the state!

Anonymous said...

Assemblyman Seminerio is going to jail for making over a million in outside income by selling his office to a local hospital

He used his office to award favorable treatment in exchange for “consulting” fees laundered through Marc Consultant

“But rather than use that power to further the interests of the people who elected him,” Mr. U.S. Attorney Garcia said, “Anthony Seminerio put his office up for sale for those willing to pay the right price.”

Anonymous said...

Now put pressure on them to cut their income for "hard" work.Other states in the 80's and mid 90's were investigated for a Comprehensive Financial Annual Report and had budgets shoved back in state politicians to show there shell game like Wall St was hiding money they claimed they didnt have.
Instead of complaining put pressure to have them cut there income.California doesnt put up with Arnold's lack of experince when it comes to him treating hospital employees like peasants.

The #1 Profit makers for Government on their investments are:The War Industry; Oil Companies; Pharmaceuticals; Banking; and INTERNATIONAL investments - (400% to 600% profits)

Government Pension Fund CAFRs give a clear showing of the investments held. ( 2006 - NYSR-CAFR ) or CA ( 2006 - CALPERS - CAFR ) a .pdf file.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is about to ask Obama for HUGE federal money handouts for NYC and state along with another idiot from California who should be making burgers or horrible movies.There is money hidding in the budget and as we see if they put down a caterer for that damn much, then how much is plainly off the books?
Sounds like the $485,000 for gold white house china the bush's just bought for some reason to splurge since were flush in this great deficit economy.