Thursday, January 15, 2009

Queens census workers in demand

From the Queens Gazette:

Nigel Manuel of the Census Bureau informed the meeting that census workers, in the field or in the office, were being recruited for all parts of Queens. Recruiting would go on until the end of the next census year, 2010. He said that testing was being conducted in several places, such as LaGuardia Community College, where it is held on Saturday mornings. The pay scale runs from $14 to $21 per hour and there is a 40-hour, paid training period. Since turnover is high, he noted, recruitment is bound to be heavy for the next two years. He said further information is available by calling 646-233-2406.


Trilby said...

I predict they will not be ready for the crush of applicants. Them's good wages for people getting thrown out of work and off unemployment.

Anonymous said...

I was involved with this briefly in 2004 when they did the interim count for western Queens - you know, with all the illegal conversions that is all but policy for community board 1, no one had the foggiest notion on how many people lived in that community (sort of explains why the power grid failed, eh?)

Well the point here is that the census takers must have came six times to our block and stopped by our building asking questions.

It got to the point that we told them they had been their before and politely threw them out.