Sunday, January 4, 2009

People still unhappy about term limits vote

Rock Hackshaw on a recent term limits poll:

When directly asked about the temporary term-limits extension legislation that the mayor (Mike Bloomberg) introduced to the New York City Council a few months ago, this poll once again reflects the findings of earlier polls done on this issue. The council passed Bloomberg’s legislation by a 29 to 22 vote on October 23rd, 2008; after contentious public hearings. Seventy-one per cent of the respondents were against the extension to three terms this time around, and twenty eight percent were in favor. There was no response or opinion from only one percent of the respondents.

Maybe the reason you are seeing -via various media outlets- Mayor Michael Bloomberg “kissing so many babies” in public lately, is because he knows he is in trouble on this issue. Observe that his public-relations machine has been in over-drive since the controversial legislation extending term-limits passed through the council. Babies, children, students and senior citizens are now Bloomberg’s re-election campaign tools: they are being featured regularly in mainstream media. They are being used. They are being played like you can’t imagine. The inordinate number of Bloomberg pictures being showcased lately is nauseating. Bloomberg’s people don’t think that some of us are aware of this. They have hit local media outlets also; the billionaire’s money is spreading like a bad virus. His re-election campaign began last October.

Quasi-Press Release: The Latest Poll Results On The Term Limits Extension Issue Is Now Available


Taxpayer said...

We voters need to remember just one name this coming November: Our City Council Representative who voted to extend term limits.

Wherever this name appears on any ballot, vote for the other candidate.

We then must keep our eye on our city council representative and his or her votes that support the political ambitions of Commissar Death and Taxes.

Hell Gate Kid said...

I find it amazing that when it comes to third term, or Caroline Kennedy, the public is not interviewed in the press or on TV.

With good reason. At least 80% of the people I discuss these with are against both.

The only opinions the media seeks are disappointed office holders.

The underlying theme is the public is in favor of any shit sandwich given to us and the road blocks are therefore portrayed as coming from competeing politicans.

jerry rotondi said...

Oink, oink, oink!

Then make sure that you all vote
those 3rd term seeking tyrants
out on the street where they belong
when the time comes!

I intend to!