Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYC more corrupt than ever

DOI Sees Record Number Of Arrests In 2008
By: NY1 News

It was a big year for crackdowns on fraud and corruption -- as the Department of Investigation doubled its number of arrests in 2008.

The department announced Wednesday that its work led to 848 arrests this year -- that's more than twice the total for 2007.

In its year-end report, DOI highlights its participation in an undercover operation that led to dozens of arrests in the Gambino and Genovese crime families.

The report also points to arrests involving illegal crane operations and fire code violations.

The Department of Investigation is responsible for investigating a wide range of crimes, from embezzlement to housing subsidy fraud.


Anonymous said...

The machinery of the city, and the public's belief that is works for them, is being to be serious eroded.

Anonymous said...

What about Granny Shulman's fines for not registering as a lobbyist. And Parkside too! Oops?!?!?!!??

Anonymous said...

What ever happenned to the Slush Fund Investigations of the City Council. Have they been swept under the rug? What's the info on Councilman Recchia & his connections to Joe Sitt of Thor Equities? What are the hidden funds that Ms. Quinn controlled. I guess the taxpayer will never know.

Anonymous said...

So many of the City's departments have issues....they all seem corrupt. They let anyone run for office even people that have a multitude of lawsuits hiding in their closets. Don't they do backround checks??? Imagaine having a person representing your community that has been accused of stealing over $100K from a previous employer....What a system!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the day when Melinda "alley" Katz is paraded before the authorities in an orange jump suit... manacled and shackled in a holding cell!

And if that cud chewing Bovine "granny" Shulman is still around...she'd make a great cell mate for that developers' slut from Forest Hills!