Saturday, January 3, 2009

New York's Sinking Vote

True News from Change NYC reports:

1. 337,110 more New Yorkers voted in 2004 than 2008
2. New York Ranked 42 of 50 in Voting Age Turnout 50.7% 2008
3. In 1944 NY had 6,291,885 votes president and 47 Electoral votes
4. Florida had 482,592 votes for president and 8 Electoral votes
5. In 2008 Florida had 1,204,479 more votes for president than NY
6. In 1944 New York had 3,423,467 more votes than California
7. In 2008 California had 6,291,885 more votes than NY
8. In 1944 New York cast 13.1% of the Nations vote
9. In 2008 New York cast 5.5% of the Nations vote


Anonymous said...

Good, lets down zone some more.
Has NYC City Planing got an R-Zero zone, yet, with a floor area ratio of minus eleven?
Maybe will the help of the Crapper and the NIMBY community boards, New York can look like that Will Smith movie, "I am legend". Hey you never know.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this could possibly be related to downzoning. I think commenter #1 is visiting us from LIQ Shitty.

Anonymous said...

This is proof positive that clubhouse rule is ruining NYS.

The rest of the country has moved on and the state is still stuck in 1870, 1930, and 1965.

Taxpayer said...

Dismal statistics.

We need a chart like this alongside a chart showing education completed, taxes paid, inventions, new business and other signs of intelligent activity.

In the meantime, one explanation is that New Yorkers are stupid, lazy, indifferent morons who don't even try to control their own destinies.

Exhibit "A" is the stats shown.

Exhibit "B" is the list of accomplishments of NY's elected "officials".

Anonymous said...

NIMBY community boards,

Here is one guy that has never been to Astoria, the home of ...

CB1 the community board from hell!

ew-3 said...

Most states north of the mason-dixon line have been dying for the last 40 years.

If NY became a right to work state it might start to attract business again. But what are the odds of that since the unions own the demo party.

What may cause some real problems soon is the fact a lot of these states (including NY) are looking for handouts from the feds. Do you think people in Texas want to bail out NY?

I don't see any way this trend will change. Govenerment in these states are too beholdent to special uinterest groups.

Anonymous said...

Well actually places like Alaska and the south get tons of money from the feds - military bases and the like.

It helps they have TWO senators.

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec, I thought this is what the Crapper and all you NIMBYS want??

Don't you guys want to freeze all growth and development and take the whole region back to the Dark Ages?? I thought that was the whole point of this website!

All I hear is on this website is that ANY new building is "too big", "too dense" or whatever B.S., and now you complain that we don't have enough voters??

I thought you guys hate all the new immigrants and newcomers to the city, and detest any building. Even if the building is three floors tall, it's described as a "hulking monstrosity", as if it's a 70-floor tower or something. Even if the newcomer is a legal, working, contributing member of society, the Queens Crap posters will describle the individuals as "Third World Illegals" or other such garbage...

The fact is that if you want growth, you have to allow development, and I mean lots more than is currently allowed. Same thing goes with immigration. If you want growth, we need MORE immigration, and MORE development. Facts are facts.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey dumb-dumb, the problem is not that we don't have enough voters. The problem is that we don't have enough voters actually voting. There's less participation in the democratic process.

The line that gives it away is this: "New York Ranked 42 of 50 in Voting Age Turnout 50.7% 2008."

ew-3 said...

Kevin -
Even if you had voter turnout other states are growing and the rust belt / new england states are shrinking.
From my distant view of NYC politics I can understand why the turnout is low. Perhaps it's time for leadership.
Just a note on military bases, why do you mention alaska? They get relatively low miltary dollars. Think Norfolk VA or San Diego CA for big $$s. Also, military dollars are not just about bases. It's about R&D and production facilities. MA has virtually no bases, but it gets big $$s due to Raytheon headquarters here. It's why Kennedy and Kerry did what they could to close bases to appeal to the libs, but at the same time increased spending for development and production facilities in MA.
In other words MA got the money, but just through the back door.

Anonymous said...

maybe the "language barriers" are keeping folks from understanding the ballots so they get frustrated and don't bother to vote at all?

Perhaps we need to offer a hundred or so new translations for
NYC's vibrant population.

Perhaps we need to offer better candidates !!!!