Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Richmond Hill crapola

"Jahn’s sits vacant one year after its closing. Work can be heard inside sporadically. A peak through the window will show you progress amounting to bare brick walls and a concrete floor. A far cry from the warm interior remembered.
The RKO Keith’s marquee continues to deteriorate after the new owner stripped its lettering."

- Jason in Kew Gardens


faster340 said...

Yeah Jahn's is going to be Montezuma's Revenge restaurant! LOL

Anonymous said...

awww man :( I loved Jahns when I lived in Richmond Hill. So old timey and the food and service actually weren't that bad.... But you could see it coming - there were never any customers in there... :(


Anonymous said...

Every time I see this I think of Nancy Cataldi and how everyone from LPC to the broader preservation community dicked her around.

There was no excuse to treat her like did by jerking her around in big lazy circles knowing full well you had no interest in either landmarking her community or giving her useful support.

Her death I lay on your feet.


Anonymous said...

I am not disagreeing or challenging anyone else who posted here, I feel exactly the same way. But I must say that perhaps if everyone who white-flighted out of Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas in the last few decades came back every now and again, and actually patronized Jahn's and RKO's, then maybe they would still be around today. If the faces in the neighborhood change, then the neighborhood changes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and apparently, not for the better.

Jason Kew Gardens said...

Actually, many people who left the area came back to visit Jahn's. Unfortunately, the new owner let the quality of service slip way too far. The place was basically mismanaged into the ground. RKO Keith's closed in the 60's, before most of the white flight took place.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think TV killed the Keith's.