Sunday, January 4, 2009

More crappy photos of Queens in today's Times

Mr. Sternfeld’s photographs of the famed Lemon Ice King of Corona celebrate Queens tradition, while his pictures of an onion-domed laundromat in Jamaica or a factory converted into a Hindi temple in Elmhurst masterfully capture the cultural fusions that are modern Queens.

The City Visible: The United Nations of Queens

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Joe said...

....Just horrible all of it.
Who gets the cake ?

1-The Archie Bunker A frame house converted to a Hindoo church.

The 2- Koreans with Orange hair.

The 3 Smoak Stacks converted Hijab Tesettür's

Anonymous said...

Oh oh...don't let the LIQcity people see this...they'll think the Crapper is Archie Bunker!

Ah, that already happened.

Erik Baard said...

As a Queens native and resident, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ah Eric is back! The poster child for developers.

Exhibit A of how the politicans can buy our neighbors to shout us down.

Anonymous said...

What is so special about 'ghetto.'

People have been taking pictures of places like that for years - usually as tititalling glimspes of the underclass.

Only in Queens is it considered something of admiration. And for the funding that it gets even more a marvel.

You can bet if they did an exhibit on the nightmare of development they would get no money and ignored by the press - or the message so twisted that the orginal idea would be buried.

Queens College has been known for sometime as the whore of multiculutral agendas in exhibits and publications.

Ely Guy said...

So Eric, if its so great, why are you hanging out with the Queens West set doing the uber white upper middle class kayacking and bike riding?

Why don't you move to Ozone Park or Corona and mingle with these people?

Queens Crapper said...

We'll have a Times feature on that tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

So Erik, would you love if you bought a house and the people next store turned their house into a TEMPLE??

How the hell was that allowed???

So much for quality of life, so long as Erik loves it.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

I'm glad to know that in Queens the same second class standards accepted here in politics, architecture, etc.. also apply to photography.

Again, here's a collection of photos where most could have been taken by a 4 year old with a disposable camera, but the times declares his straight-on shot of a laundromat "masterful".

Anonymous said...

but the times declares his straight-on shot of a laundromat "masterful".

yup, welcome to 'culture' in the one party state! Remember 'The East is Red'!

Ethic slum - Vibrant! Diverse!

A scowling old man cleaning up from the wedding next door - Archie Bunker!

Anonymous said...

Note that we do not see these places in Landmarked Districts, or places that the Times is read.

Better to push immigrants out of Manhattan and these communities out of site and into Queens.

Why doesn't someone complain about this?


Anonymous said...

That laundromat on Hillside is not in Hollis as the caption reads. It's right in the middle of Jamaica, one of Queens' most "vibrant" areas. In 2008, the laundromat looks a whole lot filthier than in 2003 when it was pictured. I guess it has something to do with the hygiene practices of the inhabitants of the surrounding area.

Go live in Jamaica, or Corona, or Richmond Hill before you praise those areas, you fools. I bet you'll be majorly depressed by the third day, as there are no $5 lattes and organic vegetables in these places.

Anonymous said...

You listen Eric "Plaxall" Baard?

Anonymous said...

Does one need to have Spanish American feet to get their podiatry care there? Or will just Spanish or American do? Do my feet have to be bi-lingual? Or can they just smell in one language?

Anonymous said...

What exactly is it about the pictures that you don't like? If it is a picture of an ethnic group that you don't approve of, you call it crap? You all need to grow up, for your own good.

Anonymous said...

The scenes are ugly and the photography is poor. Has nothing to do with who is in the photos.

Point-N-Shoot said...

What exactly is it about the pictures that you don't like? If it is a picture of an ethnic group that you don't approve of, you call it crap? You all need to grow up, for your own good.


When I was an adult and you were not even a twinkle in your mothers eye back in the 70s and 80s I walked all over NY to photograph the same thing you did.

Inspired by Walker Evens and Dothea Lange and Life and Look Magazine, and yes Jacob Riis, just about everyone went out to record the exotic, the different, the decayed, the ethnic of the city.

I have drawers with the same thing as you except the cars are a few decades older.

Which makes them actually valuable for they are a record of what once was.

This was not groundbreakinig photograph or, for the most part, even good photography.

The only thing of distinction here is that the theme is, as just about every other well publicized photo exhibit in Queens for the past 30 years, resolutely 'immigrant'.

The real challenge to exhibitors: come up with another nine words for fresh topics. It should be easy: with the boro of Queens, you have 40% of NYC to work with.

Anonymous said...

Nice paradise you had to begin with Queens white folks.You folks are so full of it.If you didnt get to vent on here you would be the ass's on the street.

Wade Nichols said...

Nice paradise you had to begin with Queens white folks.

Thanks, white liberal!

Now go back to your all white enclave, and congratulate yourself for voting for "The Messiah".

Just pray that Radio Raheem and Shakwanda don't beat the crap outta your children at school. Oh, I forgot. You don't send your children to public school, you send them to private school. My bad.

georgetheatheist said...

"ass's [sic] on the street"

Just curious. Is that CULOS or BURROS?

georgetheatheist said...

Todos amigos. Just for clarification.

If you call someone in English "an ass", I always assumed it referred to the animal-a "burro"nian interpretation. However, if you call someone an "asshole", it refers to the netherworld - a"culo"nian interpretation.

In any event, as the medieval German mercenary Goetz von Berlichingen told the Bishop of Bamberg (as told in the play by Goethe):

"Er kann mich im Arsche lecken."

Anonymous said...

Oh, this site is so educational.

Anonymous said...

Even Mozart wrote a ditty about asslicking.

Ah the human condition!

PS Interesting the difference with a sycophant ass-kissing a politican or developer is what - the position of mouth parts?

CameraMan said...

Forget the cultural issues for a minute - how the hell does photography like this get published at all, much less praised by the Times !?!?! I mean 2or 3 or the shots are average at best, but c'mon, there was no effort put in here.

Lets's take the footcare place for example - lots of ways this could have been at least an average shot - find an interesting angle, wait to get some people in, shoot when the light is interesting - early morning, sunset or with stormy clouds. This shot is something you take when trying to fiure out how your camera phone works.

I have a friend in Forest Hills who's taken awesome shots all over the boro. If crap like this makes the Times, then my friend should have his own gallery.

Jeff with one 'f' said...

"CameraMan said...

Forget the cultural issues for a minute - how the hell does photography like this get published at all, much less praised by the Times !?!?!"

"Diversity" gets graded on a curve by the Left.

Anonymous said...

Spanish American foot care? WTF?

Point-N-Shoot said...

Thanks camera guy, my feelings entirely.

You can bet this had a bloated budget using funds that could have been spent on some worthy project: Beachside Bungalows, Willets Point, Old Astoria, Jamaica Bay.

Queens can be fascinating for someone with a bit of creativity and imagination.

Come on artists, lets see some moxie!

Anonymous said...

Spanish American foot care? WTF?


Sure, watch clips of various spanish armerican armies on youtube.

Goose stepping gala ...

Notice: the smaller the country the sillier the marching?

Anonymous said...


What ever happened to that fabled "Spanish Fly"?

Anonymous said...

Now listen up...
after grueling hours of spirited Flamenco dancing...
Spanish feet require some special care.

So what's the beef?

Erik Baard said...

Too funny.

1. I am on the western Queens waterfront because that's where the nearest water is. I also volunteer with youth in gardens and other programs inland, where I live.

2. Our "white middle class" biking and kayaking programs are largely in volunteer service to inner city, non-white kids. I worked to bring Recycle-a-Bicycle to LIC for that reason. On warm weather Sunday, RaB provides bikes for free rides and the LIC Community Boathouse offers boats for free walk-up paddles. You might have not noticed that western Queens has the largest public housing developments in the city, not just luxury towers.

3. I've never had a latte in my life and usually can't afford organic vegetables, but I hope one day the veggies will come down in price as organic methods become more popular.

4. My very multi-culti neighbors in Flushing looked after my mother and brother and me when I was a kid during very hard times. We had a real sense of community. Nearly family.

5. It's Erik Christian Baard. I guess my mother thought Erik Plaxall Baard didn't roll well enough.