Saturday, January 10, 2009

The monster of 22nd Street

Sad collection of overdevelopment stories from IMBY:

Considered the poster child for everything that went wrong with the recent South Brooklyn building boom and the frightening motivation for the record setting, fast tracked, Community Board 7 down zoning of the South Slope, this 9 story monster building was permitted with the understanding that it would be used as a yeshiva faculty dormitory with a child care center on the ground floor. That never materialized. Instead the building's apartments were rented to Methodist Hospital interns. As for the ground floor space designated for the community facility daycare center, that ended up being divided into additional apartments in violation of the original C of O.

266 22nd Street Violation History (Hubris on 20th Street)


Anonymous said...

Good God when will the preservationists do something about this?

They seem to be absolutely indifferent.

Well they do give seminars on how to get along with your local pol.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg, the "C.E.O." of New York City, who pushed more middle class out of New York than any other crooked politician in history including Pataki and Guiliani COMBINED by bulldozing over 2 family homes in Queens and Brooklyn for 'Luxury Condo's' THAT NO ONE COULD AFFORD ESPECIALLY NATIVE NEW YORKER'S AND ARE NOW SITTING SILENT AND ROTTING OUR STREETSCAPES NOW, and his very special "dinner friends" have been caught with their golden hands in the Yankees crapper again, this time giving 300 million dollars of our taxes to them as the Yes Network is worth 2 billion dollars this year, all for free box seats and free parking spaces in return.
ANYONE that votes for this crooked bastard for a third (albeit ILLEGAL) term has got to be either a millionaire or severely mentally ill - OR BOTH.

Anyone who denies that this brilliant "C.E.O." did not have his hands in the economic disaster that started with his close personal friends on Wall Street and has now brought down the entire world and will continue to do so for years to come is an asshole.