Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maloney's baloney

Photo by Lindsay Beyerstein on Flickr

From the AP via AM-NY:

"I would say that Cuomo and Kennedy are very recognizable names from their family connections, the service of their fathers and others. Maloney is not a well known name. My father was not a rich and famous person. I am a hard working woman," said Maloney, 60, of New York City.

Maloney's father became wealthy through real estate and she was listed this year as a millionaire through real estate holdings who is among Roll Call newspaper's 50 richest Congress members.

In Carolyn's world, it's ok to be rich. (Just not rich and famous.)


Anonymous said...

This woman is a creep. Not very smart, and shielded from the community by a corps of mystery handlers.

The only time she is in Astoria is for some mega infrastructure project like Queens Plaza or the like, or to show up beaming after getting tons of money for some welfare state project that generally has no concern for its out of scale character or damage done to the historic fabric.

If you don't show up on the machine approved short list she has no time for you.

The Manhattan part of her district? A world of difference.

Those are, after all, her people.

Anonymous said...

I friend I know from Mahattan has little respect for Maloney.

An fantastic art school was driven our of business because she outbid it for her office.

The landlord threw the school out into the street because she had the buck$ to pay more for the space.

I bet she gives money to that developer front, LICCA, too.