Saturday, January 17, 2009

Illegal partition led to firemen's deaths

January 16, 2009

An illegal partition blocked access to the fire escape during the Black Sunday blaze that forced two firefighters to jump to their deaths in The Bronx, a city building inspector testified yesterday.

Two former tenants, the former landlord and the one-time corporate owner of the building are on trial for allowing that partition in the fourth-story apartment to be constructed.

Inspector Ed Curtis said he inspected the building the day after the Jan. 23, 2005, tragedy and issued violations for the blocked path and a padlocked window security gate. He also found two illegal partitions in the third-floor apartment where the fire began on East 178th Street.

"This partition wall was continuous throughout," Curtis said in Bronx Supreme Court. "There was no other way to get to the fire escape."

Lt. Curtis Meyran, 46, and Firefighter John Bellew, 37, died. Four other FDNY jumpers survived but had to undergo long rehabilitation.


-Joe said...

Mayors fault for having his goons push inspectors to "Lay Off" !
Mass negligence with the lives of 4 million people in the city the way I see it.
Mandotory jail for violators is needed...Hell they do it with illegle hand guns.

These bastards want to build a tweed voter base to stay in power forever

Taxpayer said...

Joe is correct.

Commissar Death and Taxes must pay a criminal penalty for his Depraved Indifference to Human Life, demonstrated by his refusal to manage the DOB. The Commissar's commissioner Lancaster needs to be hauled into court as his co-conspirator.

Why are we allowing immunity for officials who fail to perform due to corrupt influence?

George R said...

One of my tenants put up an illegal partition all on their own (so they could charge an exra room mate rent). I called DOB many times but they NEVER came. I fianlly had to spend money on an attorney to take an illegal alien to court to comply with the law.

-Joe said...

We are not allowing it just can’t do anything about it. Dur Commissar Baggie pants and his band of pirates run the city like a hijacked airliner armed with a bought police commissioner.
1000's of cops and people who once gave a dam have been pushed out.

Wait till supers liberals Schlossberg or Coumo .Jr get that Senate seat under Obama nation.
Have no doubt the first thing the will do is rewrite the 2nd amendment grab all the guns like Hitler.

Read Hitlers book "Mein Kampf"
In the book Hitler invents a "racial ladder" with Goverment naturally at the top of it and people in defined order at the bottom.
First He rids local local goverment of all "insorbanates" then uses the goverments armys against the people and take away their guns when they start wising up.

Quote: Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

Its Page 356 in the Consitution Draft, These Pirates want to move fast and get thing in place before the people wake up !!


georgetheatheist said...

Right on -Joe!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg and Kellys mugs on TV after US Airways water landing said it all.

These guys are 2 ego manicas who had NOTHING to do with the rescue yet they had to lie, provide puffery to get their fix.

Like drug addicts----These are sick partners are unfit for duty and need to be removed.

Governor crash test dummy from NJ was more truthful. Even threw a reception for those indie ferry operator including the citys first 19 year old female captain to run a ferry

Anonymous said...

How about all the news outlets acting like Bloomberg knew what he was talking about because he was an experienced pilot himself? Gag!

-Joe said...

The "News Outlets" ARE BLOOMBERG and his friends. When are people going to wake up and get that ?

There are no more news reporters and free press its all privatly owned and rigged.
The Mayors press secratary chooses who to invite and give press passes to get into a conferance and ask questions.

Even the weather information is pooled, scripted and read off a prompter.
I worked at NBC its all bullsh*t and run like a TV show.

I saw Lauren Sivan on Fox new last night, I almost choked.
Her boyfriend is the producer Rick Leventhal.

Thats a hell of a way from drinking Jello shots at Jones beach and pimping her double C's for Pat Dolan huh ?

If you know Lauren personally shes more of a hellova funny comic then a reporter.
I couldnt beleive it !!

I swear 1/2 the Town of Manhasset must work for Fox

-Joe said...

Just want to add what perticulary got me about FOX news was how the have Laurens Voice going through this vocoder or pitch transposer to bring her voice down and sound deep and serious. She almost sounds underwater

Laurens 5"1 and "squeaky" she doesnt sound ANYTHING like that !!

I wonder whats next ? !!

Anonymous said...

No wonder the cops and firemen don't want to do least the ones (cops) that can speak english!

Anonymous said...

George R. is right...the Building Dept. would have done nothing if someone reported the illegal partition. Yet their inspector in his testimony take so much pride in pointing out the illegality of the partition and how he issued violations after the sad tragedy occured...where was he or his dept before this occured??