Monday, January 26, 2009

If the snout fits, wear it

Daily News editorial:

...on Dec. 5, 2007, the Governmental Operations Committee, chaired by Brooklyn's Simcha Felder, held a hearing on reforms. Civic organizations testified, calling for action, and Felder said he would submit legislation on the matter in the coming year.

Having noted that on our calendar, we posed a question to Felder on March 15: What was up with the legislation, we asked.

Ask Quinn, he answered.

We queried Quinn: When would the bill be ready? Later, her aides said.

Well, it's 2009, and Quinn and Felder and most of the rest are getting ready to run for reelection. It was high time to call Quinn again. The answers were very different.

The speaker now believes the Council should defer to the judgment of a still-to-be-appointed Charter Revision Commission.

Then again, Quinn's aides said, if any members of the Council want to push their own reform legislation, they are perfectly free to do so.

Bottom line: Quinn and the Gang took the money and ran.


Anonymous said...

there all the same money money money what bull . this country is going to hell

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We should revisit this episode. Things moved VERY quickly back then and there clearly was a shell game set of moves. To begin with: the document. Where is the list they actually produced, in which they granted monies to these shadow orgs? Has anyone ever seen it. THAT would be a treat! A little memento of when they arrogantly thought they could do what they want! Before Exposure, I call it: B.E. But since then, words, words, words, and reasurances--all which amount to delay of game and Quinn rope-a -dope. I second that motion: bring in the feds! Thx crappy.

Anonymous said...

what a vile, disguisting, piece of trash

-Joe said...

Is this the same Quinn that was a member of that Irish lez gang in Manhatten some 10 years ago.
The group that was taking Hibernians to task over the St.Patricks day parade ?

Im pretty sure. She was perhaps 100 pounds lighter and had kinky red hair.
I worked at NBC at the time

Fernando Wood said...

Well, cheers to the Daily Snooze for calling out our very own Boss Tweed in a dress.

Now why were these editors not just as outraged - if not more so- when the self-serving council led by this vile pig extended their own term limits against the will of the people? If memory serves me correctly, they were busy endorsing it.

What's going on, Daily Snooze editors? Nobody bought your cooperation this time?

Anonymous said...

get rid of this pig her and the mayor

Anonymous said...


i wish but bloomassburg has to much money and will help her all the way