Monday, January 12, 2009

Gianaris proposes shortened work week

A Queens assemblyman today will call on Gov. Paterson to adopt a four-day work week for most state employees to save money.

The move would save the state $30 million a year on energy and building maintenance and slash emissions from daily commutes, Assemblyman Michael Gianaris said.

"Good budgeting requires outside-the-box innovations," Gianaris said.

His idea is to make all state agencies providing "nonessential services" abandon the standard 9-to-5 weekday schedule.

State workers instead would put in 10-hour days Monday through Thursday.

Put state workers on a four-day week, says Queens politician Gianaris


Taxpayer said...

Here's a novel idea: If an agency, a service, or an employee is non-essential, dump it (him) from our payroll.

When times are good again, don't rehire any non-essentials.

Now, how's that for refreshing?

Anonymous said...

How about putting the assembly on the four day week too?

Also, how about publishing how you distribute your goodies to the community?

Still have not answered the thousads you gave CHOKE.

Wade Nichols said...

How about an across the board minimum 5% reduction in pay for all NY State elected politicians? That should save at least $10 million right there.

Especially since most NY politicians are de facto non-essential anyways.

Anonymous said...

The Assembly already has a 4 day schedule, and then some...

If they pass a budget on time, they get the rest of the year off to campaign, fundraise, and if you're lucky, perform constituent service.