Saturday, January 17, 2009

Elite pile of crap

This thing is so big I couldn't get it in one frame. Gaze upon Elite Palace.
And once again may I remind you that this is NOT a new building.
You should see this thing lit up at night. It looks like it was transported over from the Las Vegas Strip.

From the Times Newsweekly:

The eatery had originally committed to parking 102 cars on the roof, said Richard Gundlach, who, like Kang, sits on Community Board 2. Elite Palace had obtained a Board of Standards and appeals variance allowing them to offer the rooftop parking.

However, due to the structural integrity of the building, only about 50 cars can park on the roof, according to Gundlach. The catering hall currently parks the remaining vehicles around the surrounding area.

"They have to use valet parking, and this is what's happening all over the neighborhood," he said. "They say they want to work with the community but it's not happening."

This remains unresolved. But it's too late... The BSA allowed it, it's built and you can either deal with it or move. The owners don't have to comply with the building, zoning or board of standards and appeals codes.

(Third photo from catering hall's website.)


Anonymous said...

Alright it is a pile but an improvement as to what surrounds it - auto junkyards and feeder buisnesses that spill out into the streets. the city allows or permits this usage here - but it the long run this buisness could attract other clean buisnesses that replace the gritty types here for generations rather than ED methods.

Anonymous said...

So it's ok that the BSA gave them a permit based on parking requirements and now they are parking cars in people's driveways because they failed to park cars on the roof as they promised?

LibertyBoyNYC said...

No, it's a pile of crap. It's got industrial to one side, but that's just the marginal area surrounding the LIRR. To the south and west is residential.

Ok maybe it'll attract "non-gritty" businesses, that's a point to consider. What businesses? Oh nevermind. It's a pile of crap.

Just like O'Neill's, also in Maspeth, the traffic tie-ups and neighborhood disruptions are completely overlooked by civil enforcement agencies. Crap Crap Crap.

Anonymous said...

oneill's is the worst business in the area there customers park in the bus stop with there city parking placards

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, you people dont like it because of the ethnicity of the place. It may not be your taste, but the taste and people of Queens has changed.

Archie Bunker moved out decades ago. Perhaps its time you followed.

Queens Crapper said...

Interesting. I never mentioned any ethnicity. In fact, I don't even know what the ethnicity is.

I guess the complaints to the community board by neighbors and pointing out the fact that the catering hall promised to abide by the rules and then didn't makes us all racists.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, you people dont like it because of the ethnicity of the place. It may not be your taste, but the taste and people of Queens has changed.

I think they mean from Forest Hills Gardens and upscale high aspirations to Elmhurst / So Ozone Park / Flushing low class dump.

Sounds like the posting of a patronizing tweeding low class clubhouse hack.

Stuff like this reveals the real feeling about the clubhouse towards the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's Italian, Latin, Greek, Chinese, Eastern European, Irish or Mediterranean, we have combined Old World traditional dishes with a hint of Modern Day flavor and style

From the website. What is so different about this place than anything else about Queens the past few decades.

The trashy gaudy taste represents the country's direction more than anything relating to Queens per se.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to be eating there when the roof caves in.

Anonymous said...

An Elite facility that fails to pay its employees for months and shows no respect for them should hardly be the source of pride for the residents fo Queens. They accumulate tons of money through the lavish parties they host, however the community sees not a cent reivested by means of salaries paid, or in any other ways. Shame on you, Elite Palace. I would never recommend this gaudy place to anyone. Where is decency?

Anonymous said...

I Honestlt Feel I have to write this so some poor unsuspecting Bide does NOT book here and ruin what should be the most important day of her life.

I owrked here for a minute and know exactly what they are up to.

The ownership is from Uzbekastan. I have nothing against Uzbekastan... but anyone familiar with the Buharian community knows it is extremely tight Knit and they tend to look out for them selves. American weddings here are considered a "bonus".... bc American weddings tend to be fewer people... and on weekends.

During the week they have cookie cutter Buharian weddings mon-thu... about 500-700 people a pop. They order food for those events... guess what- American weddings get the left over crap... I kid you not. The owner, Alex will instruct his staff to low ball a price.. and tell the perspective clients... "un $65.00 and a great menue...." He will not let them choose thir menue then... He always asks what nationality a couple is because he feels that Hispanic or African American couples will be happy with cheaper foods.

Forget the mis handeling of the food.. the real issue is how they treat and talk to people... Traditionally Buharians do business with each other. They do not work well with the outside world.. and FYI- They have no respect for you. They have the "American" Manager to attract the big Italian Weddings.. except he has no idea what he is doing.

They Hate the community around them.. and will turn people away based on presumptions on ethnicity with excuses like- those days are booked... Guess what weekends are open. They just do not want to do a spanish party for 60 people on a saturday.. they would rather double it up on a day you do not want to save movey...

Shame on You Elite... You want to build a good reputation - you are going about it allllllllll wrong.... and ruining peoples happy days

Anonymous said...

I will be completely honest here. This place may look attractive to all the brides out there, however from the bottom of my heart I must say that it is not worth doing your wedding here. I completely agree with the post whereas the owner always chooses its clients based on ethnicity, that is completely racist and un-American!!!

In addition I would also like to add that several times I have visited Elite as a guest and not only saw individuals smoking inside the hall, but the food was absolutely dreadful. If a bride trully wants a gorgeous hall to have her wedding at, please consider any possible Long Island alternatives. It is not too far from Queens and there is no racism spotted. All I can say is every bride deserves so mauch better than Elite, take it from someone who did their research and found out that Elite has eight points already issued by the FDA for the pesticide probplem in the kitchen. I don't think any happy couple would want their guest to spot a roach in their foods or a rat running around!

grewupinqueens said...

well my family members booked it because they claim they got an amazing deal.. after reading this I knew it sounded and looked from the website too good to be true.. in the middle of queens!!!! Hilarious.. going to the wedding lets see what happens!!!!!! wow!

Anonymous said...

Recently I have been to a wedding at Elite and the food was so scarce it felt like people were munching on their forks. Seriously, it was like the pre-historic times, whereas if you are on the dance floor you are not getting the food, you have to be at the tables at all times expecting food so you can just have some dinner. In addition, the service was horrible, a waiter was so careless that he got my dress dirty with a beverage. You guys can imagine how pissed off I was. The chairs are uncomfortable to sit in and it is just not romantic at all. Basically hated it!!!