Monday, January 19, 2009

Diverse derelicts on duty

Last week, these guys brought a dog and their junk to Catalpa Avenue in Ridgewood and were hanging out in front of Boy Scouts HQ and harassing pedestrians. As I don't normally pass through here, I am curious as to whether this an everyday occurrence, like it is in Sunnyside, or was there some special occasion?


Anonymous said...

Must be a ice cream social or class reunion?

Anonymous said...

call 911,if they won't accept it,call 311

Taxpayer said...

Were they just released from the 104th Precinct?

panzer65 said...

A Boy Scout meeting?

Wade Nichols said...

At least Crappy's old enough to call a "spade a spade".

These guys are indeed derelicts, bums, winos, etc.

Not the P.C. euphemism: "homeless persons" that the Orwellian word meisters have forced upon us.

Anonymous said...

This has been a problem that has very slowly but surely increased over more then a decade.
This is a quality of life issue that must be addressed.
It is the problem that goes in lock step with the daily garbage pickers that plague Glendale anr Ridgewood, the lack of economic development in said neighborhoods and to a smaller extent, related to the drug trade of western Ridgewood and Bushwick.

Anonymous said...

The garbage pickers are a problem. They even come looking in the regular trash on non-recycling days. Just an annoyance.

I have begun to make sure i smash all the glass soda/beer bottles i put out, and crush all the cans. I put them in clear plastic bags, so they can see its not worth the effort before opening the bag.

Anonymous said...

Why not redeem your glass and plastic? I may not be homeless, but I prefer to get my nickels back.

Sarah said...

Are you all crazy! These are not derelicts or homeless bums, they are proud Barack Obama voters. Soon they will be receiving $500.00 to help stimulate the economy. Once they get the check, I HOPE they will turn their lives around and become substantial members of society. Then we will see with our own eyes CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Anonymous said...

future Juniper Civic members.

Wade Nichols said...

Another pearl of wisdom from a black comedian comes to mind, this time from Robin Harris (R.I.P.).

His "spare change" routine, in which he made fun of bums.

To paraphrase:

A bum comes up to him, and says: "Spare change?".

To which Robin Harris would reply:

"Spare change? You need to get yourself a spare job, so that you can earn some spare change!"

Miles Mullin said...

What is the problem:

1. They scare away those pesky middle class whiners that just drop anchor and complain complain complain about all kinds of embarrassing quality of life issues as they live in rent controlled apartments and owner occupied buildings that refuse to rent to the curry set.

2. They have special needs that are a tailor fit to the tweeder programs, and add to demographics to make the right kind of population for federal handouts (not that the money ever gets to them)

3. They will live anywhere, work for any wages, and most importantly, don't vote or participate in the civic life of their community thereby creating trouble for the clubhouse.

As far as the clubhouse is concerned, these are ideal residents.

Anonymous said...

The City has stopped transportation to homeless shelters in Churches and synagogues. (sorry but ever hear of a mosque doing a homeless shelter or food pantry? or how about a Korean Christian church for that matter? they only take care of their own. )
my bet is that they are illegal immigrants. Gioia's office and Catholic Migration Office will help them.

Gioia's office will not assist you if you are a white or black American citizen. they are busy helping the landlords harrass tenants out of Sunnyside and Woodside.

Woodside has turned into a slum with the influx of Mexicans, south Americans, Koreans, Pakastanis and Indians, let's not forget the Nepalis who landed here two minutes after the state of emergency was declared in their country. Not in the US for a day but they all have jobs, cars, apartments and three or four new babies? Almost forgot the old folk they dragged along to scam on the Social Security.

Watch as this diverse mosiac throws trash on the streets and is busy paving over gardens, chopping down and/or posioning the street trees neighborhood people worked so hard for. The most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Woodside are women sheathed in black robes, veils with some kind of elaborate apparatous over their face to hid their identity . Does anyone remember 9/11?
these two neighborhoods are turning into garbage dumps and the rents are skyrocketing.
People want to live in Woodside and Sunnyside because it was always a good, safe read "white" Irish/German American neighborhood. No more. thanks in part to the crappy Irish immigrants who could care less about local issues and the natives. They are busying employing day laborers and illegal immigrants. Stop the Emerald Isle Immigration Center- this is a big part of the problem and you will stop the derlicts.

Jackson Heights was at one time a "desirable" place to live, low rents, gardens, pleasant walks to the subway, kind neighbors. Then the Columbian drug dealers began shooting each other. White people, Americans, moved out in droves afraid for their safety. Then what? the low rent apartments were co-oped and sold to Columbians and Pakastanis. Quick way to empty a neighborhood, raise the rents.

Snake Plissskin said...

Wow, previous poster, reading refreshing stuff like this makes this blog so important.

I guess you don't work for a local newspaper or boro hall.

Most importantly, why is stuff like this, in plain sight to all, never, never, never discussed in forums at the Muni Art Society or in studies by Pratt?

Oh I know, it doesn't happen in landmark neighborhoods so its not important.

Anonymous said...

As if anyone cares, these homeless men are lined up waiting for lunch from the St. Matthias food pantry. While all of these individuals may not be mentally ill, some definitely are, and the system is designed to keep them in the community (translation- where they are not costing the State any money. So they become the burden of the commnities in which they "live".