Sunday, January 18, 2009

College Point artist hopes to rebuild home

From the Times Ledger:

Norwood’s home and studio, a 2,000−square−foot converted stable, was completely destroyed when an electrical fire tore through the building Jan. 5. Norwood, the only one home at the time, escaped without injury but about half of the work he has completed in his 50−year painting and sculpting career — as well as all his clothing and furniture — was destroyed in the blaze.

Norwood and his wife, Ruby, have lived in College Point for the majority of their 37−year marriage. They have owned the home and studio, at 22−12 119th St., for the last 12 years. Norwood said he put about a year’s worth of work into fixing up the home, which was built in the 1920s and overlooks Flushing bay, and he hopes to rebuild.

“They used to have horses here around the back, there was a big hayloft and they used to bring coal in by boat,” he said. “It’s a great view. That’s why I want to stay here. If I live that long, that is.”

College Point artist mourns life’s work

From the Queens Tribune:

The City wants to tear the burnt building down, and various interests have tried to shy him away from rebuilding his home on the second floor. It’s a decision Norwood would like to avoid.

As he and his wife wrestle insurance suits, haggling and fighting to keep their home standing, they spend their nights on an air mattress on the floor of their daughter’s studio just a few blocks away.

When he first moved to the City four decades ago, he acquired the derelict waterfront property and spent a year and a half molding it to his own tastes and design.

“We want to rebuild the place,” Norwood said. “I put so much into it.”

Burned and Listless: Queens Artist Tries To Rebuild Life After Fire


Anonymous said...

Rebuild! Rebuild! Very sad to see someones hard work and art go away like that.

Snake Plissskin said...

Sorry, you are not an immigrant and your work does not relentlessly show the Diverse! Bustling! rainbow that the state wants you to.

Now if you did big posters of Aryan Youth, Rugged Jaw Ukranian Wheat Harvesters, or Red Army Overunning Capitalist Inroaders, or the International Express you migh have a future here.

Your building will be developed for Crap and filled with Asians.