Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheyenne Diner to be trucked down south

From AM-NY:

After the collapse of a Red Hook rescue plan left the historic Cheyenne Diner imperiled again, the shuttered Manhattan greasy spoon has been saved thanks to a little Southern hospitality.

The rail car-style diner could soon serve up home-style cooking in Birmingham, Ala., according to Michael Perlman, who has led the effort to save the Cheyenne, which would become the only free-standing diner in that city.

Cheyenne Diner: Saved (again!) and moving to Alabama


Anonymous said...

So I guess Pete's Grill and the Bensonhurst diner's don't count as free standing diners in New York City (that city)? maybe if it was the city or manhattan that would be accurate.

Bryan said...

I figured by "that city" they meant Birmingham

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah, that's what they meant.

Anonymous said...

The Cheyenne diner is being moved way far away from NYC just like the Moondance diner was.

So how does that account for a victory in saving it for all us New Yorkers?

Out of sight...out of mind.

It could just as well have been demolished if we're never going to see or eat in it again.

Somebody's living in a dreamworld!

This is yet another fine example of
the "preservation" movement sitting pretty with their thumbs
stuck up their asses!

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the NY'ers and media for not acting on it enough. A ton of papers have it throughout the world, but what happened to the NY Post, NY Times, etc? Wake up NY! You're the city that never sleeps.