Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheyenne Diner in trouble again

From Lost City:

After being shoved to the brink last spring in favor of a nine-story building, Queens-based preservationist Michael Perlman hooked Brooklyn developer Mike O'Connell (Greg's son) on the idea of transporting the diner to Red Hook, when it would begin its new life.

O'Connell has now abandoned the project, Perlman tells us in an emergency e-mail. The Cheyenne is again for sale at a "reasonable but negotiable price."

Here We Go Again


Anonymous said...

Move it next to the "Red Bird"
parked in front of Queens
Borough Hall.

It would make a great set of rest
rooms for all those tourists that Terri Osborne hoped to bring to our outer borough.

Hey folks....
we're in the middle of a depression
(sans the "Dust Bowl")!

The "Cheyenne" is more likely to be sold as scrap metal bound for China now.

Pro-Zak said...

There's a demo sign up on the diner today. Doesn't look like it's going to be moved ... maybe in pieces to a scrapyard.