Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bloomie wants to be invited back to the party

Mayor Bloomberg has begun reaching out to city Republican leaders to gauge whether he could run on the GOP line in his re-election bid this year, several sources told The Post.

The maneuvering began in the past two weeks, and sources said the mayor is expected to try to run on a major-party as well as a third-party line, likely one of his own creation.



Maspethian said...

The only thing these 'Republicans' have ever done to show their mettle is to not put a 'D' next to their name. If scumbag Bloomberg buys his way back into the Republican party, I will never again vote for a NYC Republican. I would rather see this city burned to ash than watch a party, that I once called my own, be complicit in supporting a Mayor that wants to destroy the fabric of this city.

Bloomberg was supposed to be the candidate that rose above $$$ politics but he has yielded his mighty wallet like a guillotine bent on destroying all who oppose.

Taxpayer said...

The Grand Old Party of Gallagher will likely not just put the Commissar on the ballot, but, just to insure a victory, will expel and longtime member who tries to run for mayor.

Yo! Republicans! Stand up and show some spine!

OK, OK. So, steal a spine from a fresh cadaver.

Sarah said...

If they let him enter, I will exit!

Anonymous said...

I think he should run AWAY!

CJ said...

If it happens, I will never again support the Republican party in this state.

Anonymous said...

They will let him.