Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 tax rebate to pay for 2009 tax hike

Borough property owners were pleased that long−awaited $400 rebate checks from the city were on the way, but many said the checks would provide little relief following the City Council’s vote, which approved a plan to raise property tax rates this year.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in late December that the $400 rebate checks, which were originally scheduled to be mailed in October, were in the mail.

The mayor had originally attempted to halt the checks on the grounds that the action would save the city $256 million amid the economic downturn. But the Council also voted 33−18 last month in favor of the mayor’s plan to raise the city property tax rate by 7 percent in 2009.

Queens residents said that while they were glad the checks were finally en route, they would likely end up using the rebate to pay off 2009’s tax increase.

Queens residents say hike renders tax rebates moot

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CJ said...

The only entity to come out ahead in all this is the Post Office.