Thursday, April 10, 2008

They should have played bingo

Firefighters responded to a smoke condition call in Queens early Wednesday and found that four men had jumped from the widow of the building, apparently believing police were raiding the location.

The building at 35-12 Farrington Street in Flushing is known as an illegal gambling location police said.

Police: Men Mistake FDNY For Police, Jump From Window


Anonymous said...

Another Chinese
operation I suppose ? !!!

Gambling, prostitution, human trafficking, counterfeit goods,
gang activity, organized crime families (tongs "benevolent" associations etc.).....
how come the 109th PCT hasn't crack down on these?

Maybe Commander Whelan's "boys"
are too busy taking bribes
or receiving "favors"!

It's about time that this "promotion precinct"
is totally restructured!

The average tour of duty for a captain here lasts about 2 years!

Anonymous said...

What is a "promotion precinct"

Anonymous said...

oh brother!

stereotype much?

David M. Quintana said...

Who was the "widow" they jumped from...? I didn't know the Jolly Green Giant had