Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunnyside's Feng Shui nightmare

Things are building up at 48-04 43 Avenue in Sunnyside. Check this permit out:
"To construct the vertical enlargement of one story with a penthouse above and to convert from two family dwelling to four family dwelling as shown in the plan."

What a concept...double the earning potential of the place by making the apartments smaller! Looks like quality-of-life is really improving here along with the quality of the architecture. That balcony? Totally belongs there. The western wall is completely blank save for a small window. (Hey, why not add a billboard to maximize the ROI of this building?)

Bottom line: There's some bad feng shui happening here.


Anonymous said...

How come no windows on the side?

The balconies look perfect for hanging junk yards.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL....You have no idea about this building. 1992-1994 a friend of mine rented a corner apt. in that building. There were 2 apts. on the 2nd fl and I don't remember what on the ground, but a restaurant in the basement. The building is crappy as is and the way it was divided made it worse. Looks like the new owner made some improvements. Hopefully that extends to the interior of the place. Would make a nice little building without the stupid PH.

Anonymous said...

its a nice house, wats wrong with it?