Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stolen dog found at cemetery

Sargent is the Mastiff that was stolen out of a vehicle on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village earlier this week.

Stolen Dog Found at All Faiths Cemetery

The owners went looking for him last night...

Just when they were about to leave and call it a night, they spotted a hole in the fence and decided to look through. Jennifer spotted Sargent in the distance. She yelled out for him. At first he looked scared and was about to run off, but when he realized it was Jennifer he ran right into her arms!

Sargent is now back home, safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

this is the best news i heard all day

good for them i am glad they found him-

do not leave him unattended again you are lucky

ken said...

...nice, happy ending :)

Anonymous said...

Every day I have been telling people "please don't tie up your dog outside stores - there are people stealing them."

Lets hope its not going into "deaf ears".

CntrySigns said...

I'm glad it turned out OK but why the hell was the dog left in the car? Cars get hot enough to boil a dogs brain in a very sort amount of time!