Saturday, April 5, 2008

Seattle Police Department Recruits In NYC

NEW YORK -- The Seattle Police Department is recruiting in New York City, offering new hires a salary that is almost double what the NYPD pays its dwindling force.

Seattle police are taking the recruitment seriously, placing a billboard on the West Side Highway that read “A Job Like No Other.”

Seattle pays its police recruits $47,334 a year and the annual salary rises to a maximum base pay of $67,045 in just six years, the Daily News reported.

NYPD recruits get a paltry $25,100 annual salary while they are in the academy. Their pay jumps to $32,800 after graduation and tops out at $59,588 after seven years.

In addition to the hire wages, the Seattle Police Department is also offering $5,000 to cover moving expenses.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has blamed the department's starting salary for hurting recruitment. The pay scale was imposed by an arbitration panel in 2005 after the city and police union couldn't reach a deal.

Kelly also must cut the police force by 1,000 cops because of looming budget shortfalls - resulting in the smallest department in 16 years.


Anonymous said...

Technically, the NYPD won't be short 1,000 people.

What the number reflects is the number of authorized police officers they are allowed to hire.

However, because of recruitment shortfalls, they aren't even meeting the authorized number.

Anonymous said...

Who needs more cops?

Any citizen with a permit
can shoot just as straight
as the "officers" who killed
Sean Bell!

Anonymous said...

Lobby your politicans to spend money for the community, and cut subsidies to the developers.

Demand that if population goes up (particually with law breaking illegalls flooding into a community) then cops go up.

If they can't do this, demand development stop until they can.