Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Riding 7 now like eating Lucky Charms

No. 7 train riders looking to race from the subway platform to home plate at Shea Stadium should look for the diamond.

On No. 7 trains, red diamond means express, a green circle for local

NYC Transit has begun rolling out subway trains with new digital signs brightly declaring if they are running express or local: a red diamond for express, a green circle for local.

The first train fully loaded with the broadsides hit the rails during last night's rush. More subway cars will be rigged in the coming weeks and months.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The 7 is my favorite train.

Anonymous said...

Since many of the riders on the 7 can't read English, we are getting back to symbols.

ken said...

...next time I ride the 7 I'll bring along a spoon, bowl, and some milk.

Anonymous said...

will the conductors actually have the correct sign illuminated with this fancy schmancy technology?

most times riders have to board the train to hear if it is express or local because the signs are rarely correct, which congests the doorways and slows train departures.

let's hope the conductors can be bothered to flip the switch.

Dan Havlik said...

And don't forget the most common symbol for the 7 Train -- a piece of plastic pink tape meaning there's no weekend service.

Anonymous said...

True dat...Dan....they've been "repairing" the 'ol #7 for going on
20 years.

The unlucky #7!

Dan Havlik said...

Yup, I moved to the Upper North Side of Manhattan to get away from that stinkin' train. And now I've got the A train which is also frequently "local" or not running at all on weekends because of "necessary track work" on the C.

Gotta love the MTA.

Christina said...

Hey Dan, I took the 7 to the A the day before Easter to get to work in Harlem ...should have sprung for a cab!