Thursday, April 3, 2008

Remonstrance returns

History buffs and others who missed the January 2008 public viewing of the Flushing Remonstrance at the Flushing branch of the Queens Borough Public Library will have another chance to view the historic document when it goes on display April 6 at the Queens Museum of Art.

Officials at the Queens Museum, located in the former New York State Building in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, will host the Flushing Remonstrance through June 29 in a display commemorating the document's 350th anniversary, titled, "This Case of Conscience: The Spirit of Flushing and The Remonstrance."

Flushing Remonstrance At Queens Museum


ken said...

would be great if the city stationed some guards in the museum to protect the document. FMCP would be a bit safer to walk through, then.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the original, or a ringer copy.

The display at Flushing Library looked like a Terri Osborne afterthought - pictures of modern religious diversity (yawn)in some little ackward display poorly marked outside of the building.

Has the cultural elite in Queens a new thought over the past 30 years, or do they just play the same worn out record over and over again?

Anonymous said...

The Queens Museum must be hard up for attendance to drag that poor document down from Albany again.

I'm sorry to say that when it was on display in Flushing recently,
there was only a meager turn out.

Perhaps it should have been translated into the languages
of our "vibrant, bustling,
multi cultural" melting wok!

Forget about it.

The kids would rather be playing with their "Game Boys"
than peruse a dusty scrap of paper.