Friday, April 4, 2008

Rats at Brooklyn's Borough Hall: Oy Vey!

Katia headed to Downtown Brooklyn and found Marty's Borough Hall Rats Doing Just Fine, Thank You!


Anonymous said...

UH Oh, just like in Little Neck !!
People drilled holes, in the trees the injeted battery acid, drilled holes to invite animals etc.
The motive is to kill or make them sick so the city takes them down.
Looks like a war zone down there "rottin timber's" is becoming an epidemic from Flushing to Port Washington. Real Estate folks up there are making holes in perfectly good houses to make them rot into emergency status. Its the new "thing" to go around permit red tape

Anonymous said...

Jake Lacrapa, that stuttering dumbass attorney for the councilrapist Dennis Gallagher, lives here.

Anonymous said...

Though they seem to have enough money to light Borough Hall at night in alternating shades of purple (to make the yuppie/hipsters think they're in a giant nightclub), the place is infested.
A rather fitting tribute to the general state of our city I suppose.