Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quinn could get 30 years in pokey

Feds probing the City Council budget scandal are weighing wire- and mail-fraud charges against those who helped send millions into a secret slush fund, The Post has learned.

Sources said prosecutors are considering several targets, including council Speaker Christine Quinn, though it was unclear whether they had found any evidence against her.

Other council members and staff are also under scrutiny, along with staffers from the council's finance division and the city Office of Management and Budget, sources said.

Mail and wire fraud each carry a maximum $1 million fine and 30 years in prison.



Anonymous said...

Sources said the money - more than $17 million over the past six years - was doled out as political favors to groups affiliated with lawmakers who had been loyal to the speaker's agenda.
Hey, this is the entire cultural scene in Queens. Those groups that mouth the official line are given plenty of funds.

Those that don't, get "don't call us, we know where you are"

Anonymous said...

I notice that the well connected cultural groups with strong ties with developers (read, controlled by developers) are giving money by those same developers to arts groups being squeezed out by the developer's projects.

Is the Long Island City Cultural Alliance doleing out hush funds to pave the way for developers?

Taxpayer said...

Who will her cellmate be? Bubbae?

Note that the investigation is also looking at the financial records of other Council Members?

Hmmm. Should we start a wish list for them to look at?

I propose that the first name on the list be:

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the body count of politicos are making a big spike lately?

How can we still continue to view them with glassy-eyed drooling awe as the local press expects?

Anonymous said...

The prosecution is a political position, so Quinn should get as easy a time in court, as Dennis Gallagher received before DA Richard Brown.

Anonymous said...

The first tier of judges are all but appointed by the machine.

Still, thoughts of Quinn in a women's pision brings up all sorts of images, eh?

Anonymous said...

The two previous posters,

These are federal charges being considered, the replublicans control those prosecuters and judges, and they don't like lesbians.

Anonymous said...

She's a politican. Nothing will happen to her. That's the problem. The rules don't apply to them. They only apply to the average Joe. It's so easy to blame her staff. If she can't control her staff, how can she control New York City? She wants to be elected mayor. Prosecute her, even though she'll get away with it. It will be a black mark on her political career.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see all those dyke/inmates rip her a new one!

Anonymous said...

We need to set an example that, we the taxpayers will not tolerate this.

Lock her up!

Bloomberg signing off on the budget.....he should be investigated too.

Put them all in jail. No one should be above the law.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a private citizen who follows government and have known about the system for years. My question: Why now? Nothing said re Miller, Vallone, etc.

Does anyone else smell something? Perhaps a vendetta? Maybe Pinky, another exposed creep, developers, landlords?

Best defence is offence.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to bet no money went to Onion Research - but did go to you the working people?

Wait to make judgments - I did that even with pinky's rape case in spite of how I felt about him. Then I added DA Brown to my list.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at 250 Broadway, the City Council's central staff offices. I can attest that it is possible that Quinn was unaware of what the Finance Division was doing with these phony organizations.

If this was going on since 1991, then the Administration of Peter Vallone, Sr., Herb Berman and Marc V. Shaw should also be investigated. I could be possible that these voodoo economic practices would have been started by one of them.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones
are as filthy as a pig sty!

But maybe the FBI's
anti corruption unit at Fed Plaza
is scoping all suspected
NYC pols right now.

That might account for the recent
abundant harvest
of crooked office holders!

Anonymous said...

Inheriting what others did doesn't automatically make you guilty. Being a whistle blower or just trying to clean up is far, far from easy. Unless you have tried either one you cannot relate.

I can't get people to even call 911or 311 when they see a crime such as graffiti, murder, muggings, etc.
But they sure can complain, complain, complain to each other.

Of course that's also how they vote or don't vote.

Anonymous said...

Ah.....they'll bounce her
just like they did for Gallagher.

Big crooks get away with murder
while petty thieves get crucified!

You just wait and see!