Thursday, April 3, 2008

Purple People upset in Dutch Kills

The Department of City Planning says it will certify the long-awaited Dutch Kills rezoning in May. But a group of commercial property owners, calling themselves the "Dutch Kills Purple People", are saying they have not yet been heard.

Board 1, DKCA Ask For Zoning Plan Review

Inhabiting the purple and blue shaded area of the rezoning map, the group says rezoning, as is, will cause a loss of 826,000 square feet of industrial space, 2,066 jobs and millions of dollars in annual tax revenues to the city.

Eric Palatnick, an attorney representing the "purple people", said they are concerned about a reduction of floor-to-area ratio (FAR) in the proposed rezoning from its current FAR 5 to FAR 2 on their ability to grow.

"They can no longer expand," said Palatnick at the March meeting of Community Board 1 about the affected businesses. "They are stuck where they are."

The Dutch Kills rezoning has been on the drawing board for years. When the Department of City Planning (DCP) introduced a final plan in May 2006, it looked like a reality. Joy Chen, DCP liaison to Community Board 1, said the plan should be certified and ready for review by the board in late May.

It would rezone a 40-block area that is now mostly zoned manufacturing into more mixed-use residential zones. But Palatnick said the R5 and R6 zoning it would introduce was more appropriate in Bayside or Little Neck.


ken said...

guess they're entitled to have their say, though I hope their complaints get shot down.

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em.....
those "one eyed one horned flyin' purple people eaters"!

Is Palatnick pimping
for Russkie/mobski interests?

Anonymous said...

This is funny.

Notice how the RESIDENTS and TAXPAYERS have now disappeared off the radar.

Handly muzzled by GW and GS and mighty John Young.

The worst thing is for the public to testify what development can do to a community, so, they have become invisible.

(Oh course, they don't help their cause when the believe everything fed to them, like keeping quiet is best).

Message to the community: in politics when you are a doormat you are stepped on.

The point here is, when it came time for Dutch Kills civic to vote for the development, they did. Now their role is over, time for them to exit stage left.