Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paws for Serf

What we're talking about here is the kind of person who used to take his dog on family vacations to Florida and traveled weekly to Albany with not only his wife, Constance, in the car, but also the dog, the cat and the bird.

Early Endorsement For Sen. Serf 'Dr. Doolittle' Maltese

The kind of guy who put the name of his office cat - Charles T. C. Holbrooke - on fundraising invitations, weathered criticism for using campaign contributions to pay for food and veterinary care for said cat and keeps the now-deceased animal's ashes in a box on his desk in the exact spot where the cat liked to sit.

Looks like Serf's got himself a pet Hemmerdinger now...

"We're hoping after the election to go on a cruise," Maltese said. "We don't want to get a dog and then have to put it in a kennel."

Not to worry, you're headed for a permanent vacation this year, old chum.


Anonymous said...

This guy is just plain FU#KING WIERD !!!!! It's like Willy Wonka or Howard Hughes has moved to MV.

And he's been repeatedly re-elected. God save Queens.

Anonymous said...

Serf Maltese and dog shit have the same value to district 30.

Anonymous said...

Be humane, folks, retire him so he can chat with his cat without the distraction of having to serve the people.