Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More bad Eyewitness News reporting

Rooftop standoff over in Queens

JAMAICA -- Police say an emotionally disturbed man who was in a standoff with police on his roof in Queens is now in custody.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that the man apparently slashed someone with a machete around the corner. When police arrived in search of the suspect, he reportedly threw a molotov cocktail at an unmarked police vehicle, setting it on fire.

The incident happened at 123 street and Hillside Avenue, in Jamaica.

No injuries were reported.

How do you slash someone with a machete but not cause an injury? Also, 123rd Street and Hillside Avenue is Richmond Hill (11418).

Here's a better version of the same story.


Jason in Kew Gardens said...

I finally left my apartment after an hour of hearing and seeing two NYPD choppers circling out my window to see what was going on. They had everything cordoned off on both Hillside and Jamaica Avenues from 122nd st. through 124st. This is the most activity we've had around here in awhile.

Anonymous said...

These reporters aren't worth the press passes they're given. The Crapper has far better reporting- done without a press pass.

Anonymous said...

Q: How do you slash someone with a machete but not cause an injury?

A: Machetes bought in army/navy stores are large, cheap, fearsome looking, and dull as hell. Real commando style ones are harder to come by.

Much love,
Chuck Norris