Friday, April 11, 2008

A major transportation hub for Flushing?

I propose we take the old Master's, Alexander's, Corvette's and all the other names and convert them into a transportation hub. The building, on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, could have the Long Island Rail Road on one side and the 7 train underneath. The AirTrain could be brought right into the building, connecting everyone and allowing people to make their transfers.

Make downtown Flushing major transportation center

The building could also be made into small shops similar to Penn Station. This would be the gateway to Flushing and all it has to offer. Instead of exiting the subway system onto a rain-soaked street or trying to find your friend waiting in a doorway, you could be in a large heated or air conditioned, stunning waiting room with shops and amenities.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Get real!

Flush-town will never be the tourist attraction or destination that Manhattan is.

It is therefore NOT DESERVING of a
major beautiful transportation hub
like the old Pennsyvania Station!

It is only a point of departure
to the better northeastern
neighborhoods and not as the BID proclaims "a destination of choice"
(except for the new 3rd world arrivals)!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to
just watch Flushing whiz by
through the window of my
passing LIRR train.

Anonymous said...

The "gateway" to Flushing
should have been the RKO Keith's.

But it was sold out by Manes, Shulman CB#7, Myra Baird Herce's
("Downtown Flushing Development Corporation")and a host of others!

Anonymous said...

I have been a resident of Flushing for over 50 years. I watched it grow and fall and grow again. Each time it reinvents itself, I am proud to say I am from Flushing.

(Mister, Flushing is a shithole. How can you say something like this a be taken seriously)

But our downtown needs to step up to the world plate. We are hitting singles while the rest of the world is slamming home runs. Anyone traveling outside America can see the enormous growth of cities.

(umm, some of us don't confine our travels to Lagos, Bombay, Cairo, and Mexico City)

We need to make Flushing a showplace to compete with Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris and Dubai, just to name a few.

(wow compairing Shanghai and Paris in the same sentence!

Thinking the dust chocked polluted mess of Beijing where the entire city is treated like LIC where residents are so much vermin to be removed as an admirable model of urban planning is something that requires a few cups of coffee to digest)





Anonymous said...

What a curious rant anon #4. Thanks for giving us an insider's view of the perceptive intelligence to be found in the residents of Flushing.

queensbee said...

anything to avoid walking up the stairs to the LIRR, next to the 'yummy' smelling fish market...

Anonymous said...

Turning the abandoned Caldor into a bus terminal would reduce traffic by taking the idling buses off the streets. It could laso createm ore parking or expanded sidewalk space. Also, for non-native travelers, it would make the buses easier find.

Last year, Barnes & Noble rejected the Caldor site as a new store. How much longer will it remain vacant?

Anonymous said...

I been posting here for some time, and as I have siad many times, I LIVE IN FLUSHING ONE BLOCK FROM THE TRAIN STATION, ON THE UNION SIDE!THAT SAID...I been here 20 years, my dad been here since 69-

either way....its great that we have food shelter and jobs in this country to offer the oppressed poor and the rest!

But it stinks here in fluushing, I never seen it so dirty, unkempt, smelly and run down!! I can't belive the police and elected officals let this happen!

My grand ma came from italy in the early 1900's, I know their were prolbems to them with the new wave of people, and I bet their were poeple saying bad tings about it and them to , but this really stinks!PLEASE CLEAN UP !! BIG H.

Anonymous said...

What a curious rant anon #4. Thanks for giving us an insider's view of the perceptive intelligence to be found in the residents of Flushing.

Its reality, not bullshit like the letter that inspired this thread.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Ranter, you need Jesus.

Connie R said...

From the Flushing Times this week:

"As downtown Flushing continues to flourish and nearby projects such as the Muss [Skyview Parc] site are being built and Willets Point is set to be redeveloped, we want to continue to promote our businesses to preserve their livelihood and our historic sites so that our unique history is known by future generations," said Myra Baird Herce, chairwoman of the Downtown Flushing Marketing Task Force.

Yet another new position for Myra! Same old BS!

Anonymous said...

Next time you're stuck in a Flushing traffic jam.... get out of your car, complete a 360 degree circle
around it and then get back into the driver's seat.

You will have completed what used to be known as a "Chinese fire drill" !

Anonymous said...

Myra Baird Herce (sister of famed 1960s abortionists' consultant
Bill Baird) has sold out and resold
out Flushing many times.

But she always bounces back like a bad penny into some lucrative new position!

Anonymous said...

Downtown Flushing IS a transportation hub. And like Wellington Chen always says, it's also a "crappy chinatown".

Anonymous said...

---But it stinks here in fluushing, I never seen it so dirty, unkempt, smelly and run down!! I can't belive the police and elected officals let this happen!---

What exactly do the police have to do with the neighborhood looking rundown? Anyone they arrest don't just simply disappear, they are usually back on the street before the cop is even dine with the arrest paperwork!

Anonymous said...

Many of the 109th's "finest" are too busy collecting sexual favors from Asian madams to give a crap
about anything illegal that's going on!

Anonymous said...

--Many of the 109th's "finest" are too busy collecting sexual favors from Asian madams to give a crap
about anything illegal that's going on!--

I know of only one, who was busted and fired. The NYPD then cleaned house, changing Commanding Officers, and placing a Lieutenant from IAB into the Integrity Control Officer's spot. Since then, DI Whelan, whose reputation and integrity are unquestionable, has stepped in and has done some house cleaning of his own, and has done a fantastic job in my opinion, with the horrifingly shrinking amount of cops that the city can afford to assign him.
Still, aside from the crime-fighting angle, NONE of that has anything to do with the lack of cleanliness of the streets, the alarming overdevelopment of the area, the disgraceful oversaturation of new residents, an incredibly large amount of which are undocumented, or the overall rundown look of the Downtown Flushing area spefically, or the rest of Flushing in general.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like somebody from the 109th Community Council is busy
wrapping their lips around the
sphincter of the commander!

D.M. the cop groupie maybe?

Whelan will leave soon and the
109th will go back to what it was.

Anonymous said...

There were several/many instances
of crooked cops taking money or accepting favors over the years
at the 109th.

I believe Internal Affairs Division
had to step in.

Anonymous said...

Anon #6 wrote:

>Last year, Barnes & Noble
>rejected the Caldor site as a new
>store. How much longer will it
>remain vacant?

I wonder why Kohls hasn't open up a store there like they did at all the other former Caldor locations?

Anonymous said...

Why would any major retailer want to open a store in Downtown Flushing? Just look at it. It's a hell hole.

Anonymous said...

Burlington Coat Factory
wanted to open up a store at the current Hong Kong Market site....
but the greedy property owner (Mehran?)opted for a few dollars more in rent from its Chinese
operators, so we now have an illegally operating supermarket instead,without a proper certificate of occupancy(???) !

Nobody wants to set up a national brand business in a "crappy Chinatown", as Wellington Chen
was quoted as saying!

Pixel said...

I was from Flushing, but as the town getting worse and worse. I moved out to Great Neck.

Guys, you really have to get real. We will be lucky if Flushing doesn't become as dirty, crowded, and noisy as Chinatown.

To the nice person who compared Flushing to Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris and Dubai. Unless you didn't notice, those are cities. Flushing, is merely a town in NYC. It's like comparing apple to orange. Flushing can become a tourist attraction within NYC, just like Chinatown, but its role won't be a super clean, high end, classy destination. IMO, it should aim to be the best Chinatown in the city. A cleaner, more organized Chinatown, may be -- although, in reality, it's actually going the opposite direction and becoming more and more like the old Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

To all the haters out there. Just because you are in the Crap Blog, it doesnt mean you have to say crappy things about Flushing. Anyway, your opinions dont count. If you hate it so much, then stop going there