Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gordon found guilty

A state lawmaker was convicted Tuesday of trying to have a private developer build her a $500,000 home for a dollar in exchange for helping him secure a vacant city lot worth millions for a development project, prosecutors said.

Diane Gordon, a Democrat who represented the state Assembly's 40th District in Brooklyn, was accused of trying to get the house built in return for helping the builder acquire a $2 million lot in the East New York neighborhood, District Attorney Charles J. Hynes's office said.

A state Supreme Court jury convicted Gordon, who has maintained her innocence, of bribe receiving, receiving bribes by members of the Legislature, official misconduct, receiving reward for official misconduct and unlawful fees and payments, prosecutor's said. She faces a maximum 10 years in prison when she is sentenced May 20.

Brooklyn Pol Convicted of Bribery in $1 Bid for $500,000 Home

Note to candidates running for office:

In NY, bribe-taking state pols get removed from office immediately and wait for a jail sentence, but raping pols get no jail time, 30 more days in office, $10,000 in pay and get to keep their pension. It's better to run for council.


Taxpayer said...

The difference is that the DA works for Gallagher, but Gordon has no DA in the bag.

Is that because she's black?

Anonymous said...

Can't they just follow the rules?