Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cat mummy found at St. Saviour's

The last 2 photos in this set are of a mummified cat found inside the wall of St. Saviour's. There was a squirrel mummy, too, but one of the workers took it before I could get a photo.

Christina Wilkinson
Chair, Committee to Save St. Saviour's

St. Saviour's April 2008

You'll just have to click the link, for I don't want to upset the squeamish out there. - QC


Anonymous said...

I heard that Gallagher finally went down to St. Saviour's once he found out that an old pussy was discovered there.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Serf may mount it and put it on his desk.

Anonymous said...

No, Gallagher's definitely going to be the one who mounts it.

ken said...

...sorta similar to that recent story in the news about the construction worker who buried a Red Sox jersey in the concrete foundation of the Yankees new stadium.