Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tales From the Queens Crap Crypt

Amid all the melancholic McMansions and bland brick buildings that have been sprouting up like weeds, lately, it’s nice to stumble upon a modest sized home, like this charming one here. Located at 56-12 202nd Street, in Bayside, it’s got shrubs in front and even a lawn – that hasn’t been paved over!

True enough, there’s an unaccountable stone on it, reminiscent of the immense one Sisyphus had to heave when condemned to that fiery realm down below, which seems to have an annex on Earth’s surface, at present, with all of the greenery in our midst being replaced with cavernous concrete. There are also all those building code violations that routinely get overlooked, creating fire hazards, among other things, which will soon set the borough ablaze.

- Ken Klinger
Queens Crap fan!


Anonymous said...

Nice property - the Rock of Gilbralta - I'll take it any day! Provides for an excellent barrier to counter errant vehicules smashing into the house.

If anything the rock is natural not unpleasant and it makes one's home easy to find for vistors.

Anonymous said...

That modest little house really rocks!

But maybe it's just for the moment.

Anybody know what the zoning is on 202nd St. ?

Maybe Tommy Huang is going to put
his big footprint on it!

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

No way!

A friend of mine who used to live in Richmond Hill moved about 5 houses down from this one, across the street. I haven't seen him in over two years, but last I remember this entire block of 50+ homes was virtually crap free. It's really nice out there, kids would play in the street since you'd only get one car every 5 minutes or so.

georgetheatheist said...

No SUV parked at the doorstep, a grassy lawn, no balcony with a barbecue grill..."Honey, I'm home!"

Anonymous said...

Where there is often "no way",
T.H. has got his "own way" of "doing things" !

Ya betta watch out!

ken said...

amazingly the whole block continues to be crap free, but right around the corner and up the block are 6 or 7 new McMansions, so it may only be a matter of time. :(

Anonymous said...

This is my home!! I have lived here 39 years and my family owns this house about 44 years no Mr.Huang is going to get it anytime soon!! I wasn't so sure how our beautiful home turned up on a Queens Crap blog not sure if we should be happy or insulted... The comments are nice and I can assure the blogger my home is not a fire hazzard I can't say the same about the new student driver issue in the neighborhood. My father was a practical joker our rock was a joke played on my mother. My father has since past and this rock is a constant reminder of a wonderful father and a beautiful family!!