Friday, February 15, 2008

Slow news day

I'm not really sure what the point of this was except to fill up space. Ozone Park: formerly a mobster hangout, but not now. And?

In Ozone Park, the Mob Ties That Bind


ken said...

the reporter who wrote the article spent time in Gotti's old bathroom, jotting down notes about his toilet.

Julie said...

That's ok, the Daily News did an article about a bakery opening in Astoria last Tuesday. I think their affiliation with the Courier is diluting the quality of their reporting.

William McNellis said...

Last July, the former globetrotting investment adviser was forced to miss a flight out of the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre because her boss got stuck in New York and couldn't rendezvous with her.
Bernardes, 49, was even taking baking and culinary classes at Artisan Baking Center in Astoria, a job-training facility run by the nonprofit group Consortium for Worker Education. The consortium is government-funded and its Long Island City office has received City Council funds through Councilman Eric Gioia (D-Sunnyside).
After three months of renovations, and a 10-week entrepreneurial training seminar provided by the consortium and LaGuardia Community College's Small Business Development Center, Faria and Bernardes opened The Chocolate Spoon early last month.

Interesting story on the bakery. Yes, I'm sympathetic to her plight and cheating death. But how does a "former globetrotting investment adviser" get to benefit (even indirectly) from taxpayer funded programs that I would think in theory are supposed to benefit the so-called "protected classes"? I suppose ethnicity/race trumps "former globetrotting investment adviser" in the "hierarchy of oppression".

Anonymous said...

Good question and I think you answered it yourself! She is a member of the tweeded class, and therefore, she gets to take advantage of programs that most Americans can't.

ken said...

if they start featuring a "Can You Guess Where This Is?" photo in the Daily News then you know it'll be all over for the paper.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for the tip! I can't wait to read a review on this in and joey real soon!

They are always first with important news on hot topics from Pistilli to Pontecello.

At least those are the threads that don't get removed or belittled.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's walking a pair of fierce
Kerry Blue Terriers.

Maybe the Irish mob is replacing the Italians .

Or are those dogs Bouvier de Flanders ?

Hard to tell.