Saturday, February 16, 2008

So much for Gov. Ethics

Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s nomination early last year of a top energy industry lobbyist as chairwoman of the Public Service Commission created a number of ethical problems, the state inspector general, Kristine Hamann, said in a long-awaited report on Thursday.

The nominee, Angela Sparks-Beddoe, started assuming official duties at the commission, which oversees utilities, while she was still working for a utility, Energy East, and had not been confirmed by the Senate, the report said.

It found that before she had the authority to do so, Ms. Sparks-Beddoe began making clear to employees at the Department of Public Service whom she would fire or demote. Two of those she took aim at had been involved with Energy East in the past.

Spitzer Utilities Nominee Started Job While Still an Industry Lobbyist, Report Finds


Anonymous said...

it seems to me that this is an example
where if you can manage to work for both sides,
you might get double benefits!

Thanks Guv Lickspittle!

You're no improvement over Pataki!

Anonymous said...

Glad we had Pataki - NY was much better off when he became Gov.

Beats the ultra uber liberal from Queens Gov Mario Cuemo - who did less than zero for Queens other than wrecking it and the entire state.