Saturday, February 16, 2008

Unholy alliances

New York Magazine has recently partnered with brokerage Halstead Property, while the New York Observer and the New York Sun have joined up with the Real Estate Board of New York's listing portal,

Newspapers and magazines say they see such partnerships as a way to generate more publicity and Web traffic, while real estate brokerages see them as a way to promote and enhance listings.

Real estate companies form alliances with media outlets

They're also a way to control what's written about you and your projects.


Anonymous said...

What is next, forming alliances with corporations? Railroads?

Real estate has such an influence on our lives, not all positive.

Is this a good idea? Does anyone see a problem here?

Anonymous said...

Time has proven that history is written by the victor!

whoever owns NYC's real estate controls the media.

With one exception "Queens crap" !

Keep up the great job you've been doin'
kickin' these moguls in the ass "Crappy" !