Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quaint in Queens

There might be only one place in the entire city of New York where drivers can make a left turn on red, park on a main street’s central median and ignore one-way street signs.

Broad Channel Breaks The City Mold

That place is Broad Channel, an island in the heart of Jamaica Bay only accessible by way of train, bridge or boat. Barely recognizable as a Queens neighborhood, this unique community offers its residents something most city folk lack: a body of water into which they can dive from the docks in their yards.

The incomparable views there are made even more exhilarating when migratory birds, which find sanctuary at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge just north of Broad Channel, can be seen skimming the water and circling the expansive sky.

This quaint community, often used as a throughway for those heading to the Rockaways, is slowly changing, according to Barbara Toborg, a longtime resident and founder of the Broad Channel Historical Society. Still, she and her neighbors believe it continues to keep its charm and special character. “Broad Channel is very discreet,” she said, “and I think that gives it a real sense of community.”

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Lots 'o luck on keeping change away.

But it's a touch too close to Howard Beach
where all those "goombahs" with tastes
for outlandish Mc Mansions reside!

And I'd hate to see my home on the beach
get washed away in the next major hurricane
or fall victim to longer term global warming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and they said it couldn't be done.

It must me the first piece on a Queens neighborhood since 1967 that is not built around the words 'immigrant' and 'diverse' and 'vibrant.'

Wow. Far out.