Monday, February 11, 2008

Scaffold folds in Brooklyn

Scaffold Collapses In Brooklyn, Leaves Massive Debris

NEW YORK -- A scaffold collapsed in Brooklyn Sunday, leaving a big mess on a nearby sidewalk but causing no injuries, firefighters said.

The collapse happened at a site near East 12th Street and Avenue O in the Midwood section.

A witness said the scaffolding was all the way up a new, six-story construction, and it crushed cars on both sides of the street.

The scaffolding also took down electrical wires, the witness said.

A high wind advisory was in effect Sunday, and the Buildings Department issued a reminder to all builders, contractors, developers and property owners to secure their construction sites and buildings.


Anonymous said...

We were advised at a recent civic meeting
to make sure that our home owner's insurance
covers adjacent "construction accidents".

Some policies do not.

If you're located next door to a construction site,
you'd better call your broker PDQ !

If , God forbid,Tommy Huang is the builder next door,
saying a prayer could also help!

Taxpayer said...

That notice of high winds Lancaster sent to builders must have been very powerful.

Now, here's an excellent opportunity for Bloomberg to exercise Eminent Domain. Clearly the site is blighted and useless. Someone else (anyone else) could put the property to far more profitable use, for example a needed drug store.

Now Bloomberg must make a calculation: what decision will yield a higher profit for himself: Demanding a kickback from the present owner, or a kickback from the prospective owner after eminent domain.

Oh! You thought Bloomberg was too rich to be dirty? Well, well, well.

EW-3 said...

Raise the ancient philosophical question of "if a scaffold falls in Brooklyn, will anyone in City Hall hear it?"